Evidence gigantic solar flares have caused rapid warming/glacial retreat since 1970

Neutral Fact Finder Offers Hard Scientific Evidence That Gigantic Solar Flares Have Caused Rapid Global Warming/Glacial Retreat Since 1970, Challenges NASA and NOAA

President Elect Trump and EPA director rightfully skeptical of consensus climate scientists claims

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – 3 Aug, 2017 – The following is the opinion of Kelleher & Associates Environmental Mgmt LLC as to why the earth’s atmosphere had been warming since 1860 amidst a rapid glacial retreat starting in 1970:

President Trump, Congress, NASA, NOAA, EPA, Governor Brown and interested parties:

I am among the country’s top environmental engineers and have been used extensively over the past several decades by the California Courts as a neutral fact finder who helps case special masters and litigating parties resolve legal disputes over who is liable for legacy pollution of contaminated properties without the need for trial.

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With Fairfax and the ABC leading the way there is good reason to doubt accuracy in reporting. False reporting seems to be their MO when trying to explain normal climatic movements yet, after around four billion years of volcanoes and fires, it seems the Left still needs a conduit to its hopes for a New World Order and it doesn’t give up easily when trillions of dollars and a far Left ideology are at stake.… Read More