FaceBook taking down pages that question the safety and effectiveness of vaccination

We warned you…
Three weeks ago, we sent out a newsletter containing information about the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, saying that he will be, “approaching some of the Australian leaders of social media outlets to ask them to take all steps to ensure that dangerous messages about immunisation are clamped down on.”
Two days ago, one of the FaceBook pages that has been set up to allow parents to discuss the issues of vaccine safety and effectiveness from a vaccine-critical point of view was blocked and now, can only be viewed from outside of Australia.
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Australian mother publishes book exposing dangers of vaccines

New book reveals the light on the vaccine industry in Australia. Photo: Supplied

An Australian mother has published a book detailing the dangers of vaccinations, revealing new information about subversive aspects of vaccines into the public arena, while shining a spotlight on how propaganda, consensus science and fraudulent information has sold a corporate product as safe.Read More