America descends into trade totalitarianism




Thanks to a treasonous President and a cabal of backstabbing, spineless Republican leaders, America stands tonight on the verge of plunging into outright “trade totalitarianism.”

The Drudge Report (see below) is headlining the news today, announcing “Republicans rush vote on Obamatrade before anyone reads it.” Congress and the President, in other words, are now behaving like a group of high school party boys in a mad rush to remove all the bear cans and vodka bottles from their family living room after learning their parents are returning home early from a family trip.Read More

Demonic Israeli Cruelty Of Australian Cattle & Sheep



Australian cattle and sheep have been filmed being brutally slaughtered in an Australian-approved abattoir in Israel.

The hidden camera footage, obtained in an investigation by animal rights group Animals Australia, shows cattle having their tails deliberately crushed, attempting to regain their feet after having their throats sawn and being hoisted upside down while fully conscious.Read More