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Christopher Bollyn Explains Who REALLY Did 9/11

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Illegal aliens are the new “protected class” just like transgenders… any criticism of either group gets you de-platformed by fascist tech giants


Discussing the illegal nature of people who enter the United States without permission is an apparent trigger point for Twitter, which is now actively de-platforming groups like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) simply for mentioning the topic on the social media platform.

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American Politics: A jewish Win With Every Vote


There is a fatuous hope harboured by many Whites that the thoroughly Judaized American political system can be prodded to be slightly less anti-White merely by “voting harder next time.” This belief is often coupled with a pseudo-religious, cult-like veneration of the Constitution; as if a few scraps of paper will do the hard work of defending our racial homeland from mud-world invasion and insidious jewish nation-wrecking.… Read More