“Freedom Ain’t Free!”


We’ve all heard the above phrase numerous times in our life.  Although it has been abused lately, and greatly, by those with sinister agendas in the Middle-East trying to convince we Americans that somehow our nonstop wars fought for Israel are somehow wars fought for our own freedoms, even a reasonably intelligent garden slug can see through that nonsense.  But while our freedoms are nowhere at risk abroad they are definitely being murdered here at home.  In the current and increasingly Marxist US, freedom definitely ain’t free.  Every day, every hour, the Jewish / Leftist attacks on our freedoms are evident, whether it is the ceaseless assaults on our right to keep and bear arms, whether it is the open Antifa attacks in the streets, whether it is the cyber censoring of our right to hear and read free speech in our homes, or whether it is the clear and unmistakable war on our very existence as white men and women at the hands of Hollywood, the media, academia, and the very US Government we pay taxes to, the domestic hate fest against our freedoms is in full swing.  And we all know this.… Read More


Retired teacher, Arthur Marcel, reviews the case for Martin Bryant not being the Port Arthur shooter.

Port Arthur The Dissenting Narrative

Black swans

Celebrated sleuth Sherlock Holmes’ most famous quote went something like, “Firstly, Watson, we eliminate the impossible, and then we are left with a range of possibilities, one of which, no matter how seemingly improbable, will be the truth.” Holmes’ creator, author Arthur Conan Doyle, appears to have gotten it wrong when he described his most famous character as a master of deduction.

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Cartoon Network Promotes LGBT ‘Pride Month’ to Children

Cartoon Network urged its LGBT fans in a June 2, 2019 tweet to “stand proud all year long,” | Twitter/Cartoon Network



By Samuel Smith, CP Reporter

Cartoon Network, the popular television channel watched by millions of children, promoted LGBT pride month by using one of its widely popular shows to encourage fans to “stand proud.” 

LGBT activists have designated June as “pride month” to celebrate alternative sexual lifestyles and gender identities, and Cartoon Network took to Twitter last week to voice its solidarity with the movement as thousands take part in events nationwide.… Read More