The Truth Behind This Growing CULT Of CREEPY CLOWNS

Mystery surrounds appearance of frightening EVIL CLOWNS roaming the deserted streets of a California town in the dead of night
Creepy Clown Sightings Spread Across Nation
Horrifying And Creepy Clown Sightings Continue Across The U.S., Cops Ask People To Stop It
Lurking clown arrested in Kentucky woods near apartment block as US ‘creepy clown’ fears spread 
Stop clowning around!
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Graham Hancock: DMT The War on Consciousness

Graham Hancock – The real widespread war the rages every day is a war not for anything more than our consciousness and it affects everyone under the top 1%

Take hold of humanity by the balls and the mind and you’ve got them in a non real trap – supporting a system the kills and plots bloody murder each day and hides the tracks of it’s existence to cover and distort the truth and to keep YOU from finding the simple answers to free energy and the simple answers to cancer cures and to keep you bound by the state affairs called ‘the economy’ that is completely manipulatable.… Read More