CDC Admits Failure of Flu Vaccine – Vaccinated People Die of Influenza

Mackenzie-CoyneMackenzie Coyne was vaccinated against the flu, but died from flu complications. Image source courtesy Fox13 Salt Lake City.

Health Impact News Editor Comments

Quarterly reports issued by the Department of Justice for settlements made for vaccine injuries and deaths in the federal vaccine court clearly show that the flu shot is the most deadly vaccine in the U.S.Read More

ALL Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them

8-reasons-to-use-baking-soda-for-wonderful-skin-and-hair“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Have you been rushing out to get a yearly flu vaccine or diligently taking your children for the 40 or so mandated childhood vaccines?… Read More