That’s Right, Stupid, They’re Killing Us!


The video clip is an excerpt from the documentary, “Take Back Your Power”a critical investigation of the Smart Metering phenomenon and Smart Grid.  It shows observable effects of the RF/MW radiation from a Smart Meter on human blood cells using dark-field microscopy.

More than 5,000 studies now show RF/MW radiation to be harmful to human biology, animals and plants. Acute and chronic exposure to RF (radio-frequency) and MW (microwave) radiation can, even atvery low power-densities, lead to not only the negative health effects shown in this video, but calcium ion damage in cells, endothelial cell dysfunction, nitric oxide depletion, oxidative stress, melatonin disruption, blood-brain-barrier leakage, DNA damage, sperm damage and more. Glucose metabolism changes within the brain are observable after just minutes of cell phone use.

The mechanisms for damage from non-thermal, non-ionising radiation exposure are now becoming clear. Unfortunately, so-called “safety” thresholds maintained in the UK are woefully out of date and obsolete, permitting a deluge of highly-profitable, RF-emitting technologies to be introduced into our lives.


Whilst attempts by campaigners in every country are being made to stem and reverse the tide of these environmental toxins, you can take positive action to protect yourself and your family by limiting your own exposure to RF and MW-emitting devices, such as Smart Meters, cell phones, WiFi routers and devices, wireless baby monitors, wireless alarm systems, wireless games consoles, etc.

Please alert your neighbours, friends and families to this important information.

Smart Meters & EMR…

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2 thoughts on “That’s Right, Stupid, They’re Killing Us!

  1. My eldest son Peter told it to me this way .. “mum, it is the microwave without it’s casing, imagine being in a microwave”

  2. We the people of planet earth can’t afford to be quiet.

    Does anyone really believe that .. the founding fathers .. were great men of vision .. seeking to create a world of peace .. justice .. equality .. opportunity .. for all mankind ?
    The story’s tell us so .. don’t they.
    The story’s tell us how good these people were & how evil overcame them .. prevented them from even greater good doing.
    It isn’t true .. not one word of it is true .. they were business men after their share of the bounty .. & therefore they competed with each other on policy & agenda .. only to overthrow their opponent & succeed them to the throne .. & never to better the plight of the common man. How many times did they sell us down the river .. !

    ” Wall Street Crash of 1929 / Black Tuesday:
    Overall prosperity & unregulated business has led to a very active & volatile stock market. That situation plus the lack of clear banking practices to protect investment, eventually caused the stock market crash.
    Despite the dangers of speculation, it was believed that the stock market would rise forever. ”


    The above article on the Wall Street Crash Wiki .. is a journey into the most irresponsible & ridiculous mindset possible .. it was an exhilarating game of monopoly for the privileged players & nothing more .. & as a result the worlds economies shut down .. & millions of people all over the world died of hunger.

    It was not the governments .. nor any of the elite power mongers that fixed the Great Depression.
    It was the people who rose up & put the fear of GOD into the very existence of the SUPER ELITE SCUM that made them move their backsides to rectify the disastrous situation.
    The Establishment Privileged thumb their noses at the common man & laugh .. the imbecile elite doesn’t seem to realize that they are also being exposed to the chem-trails / the toxin fluoride / the poisons in the foods from Monsanto types .. how the hell did these retarded beings rise to such heights ?

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