The 2nd Empty Chair: The Port Arthur Paradox With Oskar Zimmerman

After the police broke into Martin Bryant’s house, a journalist followed them, mentally recording the details she was going to present to the public. The house was neat & fairly normal, except for one room where some magazines were lying on a table, in between two empty chairs.
For the past hours, the journalist’s imagination had been building a picture of the madman, his childhood and possible motives. The entire media and police juggernaut that was gaining momentum was predicated on the assumption that he had acted alone.
But if that was true, who had been sitting in the second empty chair?

This explosive thriller takes a closer look at Australia’s defining massacre, using witness statements and court documents to produce a coherent, plausible narrative that includes more facts than the prosecution case. Anyone familiar with “Making A Murderer” will be captivated and horrified by the details of this story, and how the popular media narrative has deviated from the facts.

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MARTIN BRYANT INNOCENT: 21-page submission to the Australian Press Council
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  1. What of the recording of Martin Bryant at the Seascape Guesthouse after the shooting talking to the police on the phone about cooking for the hostages?

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