10 Reasons Not to Go to a Doctor


[Most of these points overlap. This post is more about the whole medical service, rather than specifically visiting a doctor]

1 – Incompetence

These days most GPs (General Practitioners) are repeater idiots. They are incompetent jobsworth fools who have chosen to repeat the BS handed down to them by their big pharma financed universities. Their ethos is focusing on the symptoms and not the root cause. Most doctors do not apply their Hippocratic Oath, instead they’re just damn hypocrites.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but most of them really haven’t got a clue what is going on within you, and are nothing more than uncaring drug pushers. Their knowledge of the healing process is incredibly limited and ignorant, not only with nutrition and the use of natural health, but just how the healing process operates. Sadly, I think most of these GPs are aware of their incompetence deep down and known they are nothing more than glorified chemists.

2 – Drug pushing and radiation referrals

All the GP will do most of the time is dish out antibiotics (poisonous toxins to break down cellular structure). Failing that they will simply make a referral to the hospital for some sort of scan (radiation); which will worsen your condition. I am suggesting they are all on commissions to push these drugs and to give referrals to the hospital.

3 – Destroying our self-empowerment

Going to the doctor is giving away our self-sufficiency. Our independence and our inner wisdom. It is an insult to our heritage, and the lost knowledge of our ancestors. In many cases it is a collective weakness within us as a society and within our communities. We have to take back our self-empowerment. If we don’t know how to self-heal – then we simply have to re-learn it. And then share (teach others).

Conversely we should be trying our hardest now not to support the system as much as we can. Every time we attend one of these doctors or hospitals we are paying into the system, even if it is ‘free’ National Health Service, because my understanding is these hospitals and health care systems are not paid through our insurances nor taxes. These ‘services’ are being paid through our bond which was created through our birth certificates when we become registered as babies. A secret account has been set up under your capitalised PERSON (your fictional name) and every public service or benefit you receive just taps into this secret bond. Please do some research into Freeman-on-the-land/Sovereign being. I would suggest not to get too engrossed in this procedure unless you really know what you are doing. It is loaded with pitfalls!

4 – Radiation route

And what has the scan done really? It has done the exact opposite of what your body needs – wrecked havoc on your cellular structure.  I would suggest all these scans give people the conditions they actually diagnose. Insane – insane – insane.

I would love to walk around one of these places with a Geiger counter and test the radiation levels. To think people are staying there for weeks at a time. No wonder huge numbers of people with already weakened immune systems don’t get out alive.

5 – False diagnosis

If you haven’t got a false diagnosis by your GP (even if his/her intent was well meaning); then you damn well will from the lunatics running these mental asylums (hospitals). I am now at a stage where I strongly suggest to people DO NOT TRUST THEIR DIAGNOSIS! I know this is not news to most people who are aware of the dysgenics agenda. Or to those who have enough objective experience in these modern hospitals. But I honestly feel they create conditions through false diagnosis, in order to create their medical solutions. Yes, I am actually suggesting these consultants are actively, knowingly and deliberately giving people false diagnosis in order for financial gain (bonuses/commissions) and to keep their careers ticking along.

6 – Compartmentalised mindset

If you are unfortunate to have to be amongst these repeater zombies, or accompany someone who is. You will immediate observe how these ‘specialist’ departments with their ‘specialists’ deal only in ‘specialised’ areas of the body. Work-that-one-out. That alone should ring alarm bells for anyone with an once of logic. That point alone should make you want to run a thousand miles away from these people and their insane closed mindset.

The body is an orchestra and works as a unit, as a hologram if you like. It is a mass of vibrational frequency (energy). How on earth can they justify having a renal department and a digestive department and a liver department whatever? And the big problem is these separate departments is they do not necessarily communicate with each other. Or they cock up the information through compartmentalised red tape. So if your body is falling apart (due to cellular breakdown) you will have to see umpteen various consultants. And most of them will not cross reference their notes. This piss poor organisation is all by design. Good meaning students could run hospitals far better than these so-called experts.

7 – So what?

So you get your referral and you go through the hassle of visiting a consultant. By the time you wait to get an appointment, your condition has worsened. And the nice consultant then recommends you need to have a scan and get your results, which will be further time delay. Ohh fab – now you finally get to have a proper diagnosis. And they tell you have XYX. Which is all built on trust by the way – you have to trust these experts.

So you have your results – so what!? What does that honestly mean to most people? Because for most people, this only means following their standard protocol: poison drugs, chemo, butchery, further radiation – no matter what condition (label) you have. And this diagnosis really means nothing anyway if one understands how the body operates. And that is even if the diagnose is accurate/correct. Every healing area is cellular health. That is the only thing we need to care about. How healthy are the cells in my body? That is the only question we really need to care about – for most conditions. Root cause: how our cells/blood/tissues have become damaged (from toxicity) and then gradually reversing that process.

And one could argue, “Well what about structural conditions – hernia, or broken tendons?” Well their same mindset is still upon you. You won’t be able to escape it. If you have a hernia for example, this means your WHOLE body is out of kilter. This won’t be addressed at a mainstream hospital. Their mindset is patch up, or cut out, or radiate, replace with plastic parts, or drug up. It’s all the same. Patch up the symptom and not deal with the root cause.

8 – Environment of modern day hospitals

I know that the title of this post was referring to a doctor, but seeing the doctor in the first place will inevitably end you up in these hospitals. But just look at these hospitals. Honestly, spend a moment to look at the aesthetics of these hideous places just from the outside. Even the new modern ones are ugly-looking demonic corporate institutions. They all ooze anti-nature. Then walk inside … just feel the vibe. Horrible, dark, demonic, toxic environments. The antipathies of a healing environment. Just think how these places could be: healing centres where people actually holistically heal in aesthetic environments with altruistic, enthused, knowledgeable staff (also of one’s own ethnicity who can actually speak and understand your language). Imagine beautiful surroundings looking out to natural environments, with water fountains, lakes, birds, clean air, trees, idyllic paintings, subtle healing music, plants, crystals, personal incenses, privacy, friendly dogs for therapeutic purposes, meditation rooms, juicing bars, communal areas, sauna rooms, epsom salt baths, jacuzzi rooms, cannibas plant therapy, therapy rooms – and on and on and on. All affordable, all doable.

9 – Ping food

The food – ho ho ho the food. Can it be called food? Microwaved, radiated mush. Usually complemented by toxic, packaged carcinogenic jelly puddings which they dish out to cancer patients (that’ll finish ’em off). I had to place this topic in a section of its own, because it is so important. Surely the first area one should pay attention to is the nutritional input for the patient. Or am I just being stupid? I would suggest if you end up in one of these places, you would be better off fasting for a week.

But seriously, if you have to stay in hospital; insist that friends and relatives bring in organic fresh soups, raw food, quality supplements, etc. This is imperative for the healing of your cells and your very survival!

10 – How are you treated?

Be honest, think back to your experience within this health system and the various characters you have met. How were you really treated? Even if the actually nurses and associated staff were really nice people, doing their very best inside this insanity. Even these people were unknowingly harming you. It is so sad, but true. All of them, like many of these repeaters are harming people by their non-thinking. But specifically it is the consultants. The experts, the specialists on fat salaries and bonuses loaded with cognitive dissonance who are the real danger to us. No matter how nice they may appear to you. But often, many of them are not even nice. They’re often curt, dismissive, arrogant, objectionable creatures. Full of their own self-importance and kudos. They know best, they are the authority and expertise. You and your silly little theories of natural heath are pathetic.

Please my friends …




Until we revert back to where doctors are rewarded for their positive results – actually healing patients; and not rewarded for their incompetence and getting punters through the system; then we cannot ever hope to have any level of effective health care.

In conclusion

Keeping it simple, these are three main reasons not to go to the doctor:

(i) More than often they will give you a false diagnosis.

(ii) To gain a diagnosis most of the time, they will need to radiate you. This is seriously damaging to your cellular health (especially when we can’t trust their diagnosis anyway).

(iii) Their solutions are dangerous to your well-being, so you wouldn’t want to go down their route anyway.

Whatever symptom you have, for a lasting cure, you will have to clean up and address your cellular health and the causative route of your problem: diet, environment (work related products, etc), structure (postures, working habits), stress/emotions, energy, spiritual outlook.

We have to take responsibility for our levels of naivety; allowing ourselves to be duped again and again and again by the jew. We have been duped by these swindlers for thousands of years; why should it be any different now? When will we learn our lesson? As with all of this tyranny and deception, it is all about offer and acceptance at the end of the day. The jews hand us their poisons, addictions, depravity – all through deception and incrementalism.

It is up to us whether we collectively accept them or not.

Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/10-reasons-not-go-doctor/


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Not to Go to a Doctor

  1. In the first place –
    They do not want us to attend their Medical Center.
    They simply do not need the extra money.
    Therefore they actively discourage patience attendence.

    INAPPROPRIATE PRACTICE – as defined by section 82 of the Health Insurance Act.
    In 2003-04 a G.P. in B’wick was paid $500.000 by the HIC
    The HIC then deemed that it was a case of Inappropriate practice & wanted aprox: half the monies refunded.
    The G.P.. in question, immediately declaired bankruptcy siting that he owed aprox: $2.5 million to his creditors.
    Alas, he declaired bankruptcy too late & the case of Inappropriate Practice was heard in the Federal Court & the court found against him.
    He wasordered to repay $160.000 odd.
    So what –
    Indeed – in Austraalia the money grows on trees.
    This general practice has no sinage on the building save a small piece of paper on the front door.
    Also, it is rare to ever see a patient attending the Doctors Rooms.
    1. why was this GP paid $500.000 in the firse place –
    2. how is it that this GP is paid at all if he is not taking patients –
    The case is there – look it up & many other such cases where they neve get a cent back – like I said money grows on trees in Australia.

  2. Look at the list of GP’s that regularily waltz in and out of the Medical Practitioners Board
    And not even a slap on the wrist.
    It is a list of every GP in Victoria.

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