December 1, 2023

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URGENT: Stop NSW passing Ag-Gag laws


The ‘ag-gag‘-style bill (titled Biosecurity Bill 2015), would give biosecurity officers greater powers to target animal cruelty investigators than the RSPCA has to protect animals. Worse still, the maximum penalty under the Bill would be $1.1 million and a 3-year jail term – dwarfing any penalties dealt out to those found guilty of serious animal cruelty. This reveals the Bills true intent.

Millions of animals each year are confined in cruel factory farms. Pigs like Hope are locked in barren crates for months on end; hens like Willow are imprisoned in cages to produce eggs; and chickens like Autumn are forced to live in overcrowded sheds on faeces-laden floors. Rather than enacting legislation that will protect animals from cruelty, this Bill will protect those who profit from their suffering.

If this Bill is successful in NSW, there is already talk of rolling it out nationally – to further silence those exposing factory farm cruelty. Parliament could vote on this Bill as early as Tuesday. So please speak out before it’s too late.

Send an urgent message to your MP to let them know you want laws that crack down on factory farms, not those exposing the cruelty.

Urgent: Please Help To stop These Draconian Gag Laws By Taking Action.


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