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New Biological Entity Hits Our Shores

Gotta love the “new biological entity” hitting our shores today. Can’t wait to hear all the TGA reporting adverse events! Mind you only 10% of adverse reactions are ever reported…. never the less the show must go on.
According to the studies on the Pfizer product information out of 21,720 participants “acute peripheral facial paralysis (or palsy) was reported by four participants in the COMIRNATY group”
Although considered “rare” on the information sheet essentially you have a better chance of getting facial paralysis than winning the lotto… a 1 in 5500 chance of having your face paralysed! what a win it is!….
Because science is so clever Anaphylaxis; hypersensitivity from the Comirnaty clinical trials “cannot be estimated from the available data” and is in a column of it’s own…. so they don’t know?? I guess it’s a little bit like the long term studies of the vaccine… there is non. and they don’t know.
“Mechanism of action
The nucleoside-modified messenger RNA in COMIRNATY is formulated in lipid nanoparticles, which enable delivery of the non-replicating RNA into host cells to direct transient expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) antigen. The mRNA codes for membrane- anchored, full-length S with two point mutations within the central helix. Mutation of these two amino acids to proline locks S in an antigenically preferred prefusion conformation. COMIRNATY elicits both neutralising antibody and cellular immune responses to the antigen, which may contribute to protection against COVID-19.” Mutations, lipid nan particles along with a host of other ingredients, sounds amazing and the biological ” ‘may’ contribute to protection against COVID-19″….
To those administering the biological make sure you “don’t shake” the bottle, make sure the temperature remains between 2 and 8 degrees and don’t leave out above this for more than half hour…. human error?…. no humans are perfect! Please remember to wait 15 minutes after your injection… and if an adverse reaction happens, remember, it was going to happen anyway with or without the vaccine. Wait 15 minutes anyway after the injection and remember report to the TGA yourself. No Doctor or Nurse is going to admit you have been a guinea pig for a “provisionally registered product” with “provisional approval” where the trial date doesn’t end till 2023…..
NOTE: at the end of the product information –
Date of Revision: Is Non Applicable .
The show will go on regardless!
Grab your popcorn the new “football score boards” will be watching the TGA website…

1 thought on “New Biological Entity Hits Our Shores

  1. The problem remains, does CoVid-19 exist or is it merely a planned media mutation for the old Flu we suffered for many years.
    All the fancy terms allocated to this Virus does not alter the fact that the modern human has suffered an avalanche of toxins through his food, water and medicines and now the coup de gras of vaccines to add to the pile.
    It has been known for decades now that all this toxic attack to the human biome can reduce blood flow and create disease particularly neurologic that manifests as various mental conditions so loved by our psychiatrists and pharmaceutical monsters.
    Vaccines add to this drama in the human body and do absolutely no good apart from deceiving the natural immune to attack itself.
    I’ll stick to a beer or two and let this vaccine shit stay with Lucifer and the scumbags that promote its evil via a science that does not exist. Without the Mainstream media we would not have CoVid-19.

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