October 2, 2023

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“5G for You But Not for Me”: The Hypocrisy of the So-Called Ruling Class


Criminal psychopathic hypocrisy at its maximum. I do not know when exactly this video was produced as the newscaster refers to Trump as “president” all the time. As the individual posting the clip on BitChute states “this alone should be enough proof that this crap is not good for us in a number of ways. Was it not Trump who signed off on 5G everywhere?”

In the comment section somebody also posted this comment. Just to add more insult to injury:
“Brussels EU (capital of Belgium) is also the administrative center for the European union and NATO. Guess what; they do not allow 5G in this capital city

Now I just wonder if anybody has ever installed a single 5G tower close to a synagogue (or a Masonic temple for that matter).

This is the transcription of the video:

Donald Trump and Bill Gates DO NOT want 5G radiation… at least not for themselves. In the state of Florida a law was passed which allows wireless telecommunication service providers to place 5G antennas everywhere without authorization… except in Palm Beach, the residence of billionaire Bill Gates and president Donald Trump. According to Tom Bradford, the city administrator, the ban temporarily blocks any applications to install wireless communications on public properties in Palm Beach.

This exception was justified with the excuse that the installation of the antennas would “disfigure the cityscape”, something the residents might oppose. It remains an open question as to whether the prohibition of 5G installation in Palm Beach is actually to prevent the total surveillance or to stave off serious health damage by high-frequency microwave radiation. In any case Gates and Trump do the right thing in renouncing 5G until conclusive scientific studies exist showing its health impact on human beings.

It is 5G for thee and not for me: Guess where 5G is banned and who lives there (Aug 13, 2022) by Jim Crenshaw | BitChute


Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/5g-for-you-but-not-for-me-the-hypocrisy-of-the-so-called-ruling-class/

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