December 1, 2023

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5g Free Sunshine Coast event

Allona Lahn

Nothing like motivating a crowd!
Last night was powerful here on the Sunshine Coast at the 5g Free Sunshine Coast event… For over 20 years I have known EMF cause health issues and cancer and last night I joined experts to talk about how they do just that….

How dare our Australian government ignore international safety standards? How dare they ignore over 24,000 peer reviewed studies implicating EMF and 5g to health issues….

As I watched the presentation about censorship, ignoring of science, omitting of data, no long term studies, no cumulative effect studies, vested interests, limited and hard to find Government information other than how 5g is going to change the world and Australia and a billion if not trillion dollar business deal I had Deja Vu as this is identical to to agenda to mass drug with vaccines….

Simply put out Australian government don’t care.. They have sold their souls to greed, big corporations and have signed Australia over to the UN and global organsations… If people think our Government care about them they are in dreamland, so time for everyone to step up and defend their health, choice, rights and body sovereignty… 5g is another issue amongst many where people NEED to unite and create a powerful peoples movement.

I have always said it will be people power that wins, united, as a force… And we can do it.
Thank you Christopher for organising, Kathy for helping, Jessie for the presentation and motivation, the experts and the science, the many sunshine coasters that came including passionate, powerful Cindi Omeara.

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