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We Are Anonymous, We Are Fake

We Are Anonymous, We Are Fake

NOTE: Who really knows, but Anonymous blur the lines between Reality & movies in order to make the masses believe that there is hope. Our entire reality seems carefully managed so who can we really trust? Trust In Yourself.

“We are Anonymous…”

No you’re not. You’re just another Hollywood creation—a glamorous spin-off from the popular “V for Vendetta” movie—expertly packaged for an American audience that confuses movies and real life. Watch out for McDonalds “Anonymous Happy Meals”... | Bust Reveals Government Runs Hacking Groups

“We are legion…”


No you’re not—but your credulous, ill-educated fans evidently are…

“Expect us…”


Those of us who’ve been paying attention have been expecting you—another popular hero, in the mold of the dashing (“I won’t touch 9/11”) Julian Assange. Yes, we fell for the Wikileaks scam so easily, you assumed we’d probably fall for this Anonymous nonsense as well—which we have. (And of course we also fell for the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter scam, which is currently holding our attention and dragging America into another civil war!)

Reality Check: If Anonymous and Assange were genuine we’d never have heard of them. They wouldn’t have Twitter, Facebook or Youtube accounts, or have appeared overnight on Wikipedia, or be reported on the nightly news. They wouldn’t be popular or trendy. They’d be dead or in jail.

So no, you’re not Anonymous—but your creators are. And they are already working on a sequel. So we can expect another bogus superhero soon…

…in the nick of time, perhaps..?

Anonymous—real or fake? The suit is the clue. And perhaps the UN motif…

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CNN: The “hacktivist” group Anonymous is taking credit for jamming several government and industry websites.

Julian Assange wears Anonymous maskBuy your own mask from Amazon | Make your own mask


3 thoughts on “We Are Anonymous, We Are Fake

  1. I have no confidence in anyone who wears a mask, nor do I have the time of ay to waste on their likes.

  2. * Anonymous
    * Sonia Kruger
    * Pauline Hanson
    & the rest of the wannabe’s … the needy people in desperation of their role in oblivion.

    This Is The Greatest Show On Earth
    It’s Show Time
    Will the Next contestants

  3. In the mean time …
    Does the newly elected TURNBULL Government have the confidence of
    * Business
    * Banking
    * Finance
    * Investment
    * Healthcare
    * Corporate …. Australia (?)
    I wonder –

    The voting system was changed
    The electiom was called in the dead of winter – it was 15 degrees cold & windy at 1 pm.
    The Polling Booths were severely understaffed
    Which caused there to be long cues of Australian Voters left standing in the freezing cold winds for up to an hour & more.
    I was told – Moreland Primary School had 4 persons manning that voting facility, there was ony one door open for in coming & out going traffick & the cue hardly moved.
    The government will make a packet in fines for those voters who left the cues, or did not trun up to vote at all because of the cold & the long cues.
    This election was rigged.
    But why (?)
    * In The Work Place
    * Throughout the Health Care System the word is that the Turnbull government will cut funding – the employees decide to vote against Malcolm Turnbull.
    * The Superannuation Funds are threatened by the changes that Malcolm Turbull is planning, word gets around, the workers in the superannuation industry decide to vote against Malcolm Turnbull.
    * The Real Estate Industry is about to be blown out of the water – there will be an almight fire sale & most of Australian real estate will be owned by FOREIGN BANKING INCVESTORS.
    * BAIL-IN is a certainty – Australian real estate investment is borrowing free monies form foreign banks – at some point – as has happened so many times before – interest rates willl be introduced.
    And Australia will be in free fall into third world status.
    It was necesary to pull a fast one on the Australian community because the Turnbull Government does not have the confidence of Australian Business/Corporate/Banking/Financial world.

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