Joining the Club: Steven Avery, “Clubs”, Weird & Suspicious Experiences.

At first this story seems isolated and irrelevant, but the longer Dave Begotka talks, the more you will catch on.  Also watch Part 2 and Part 3 on YouTube; to read the full story, click here.  (Events begin in1985 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan, where a woman was raped while jogging on the beach; Steven Avery was convicted for the crime, imprisoned, and later exonerated by DNA testing.)




2 thoughts on “Joining the Club: Steven Avery, “Clubs”, Weird & Suspicious Experiences.

  1. Gary Ridgway .. arrested in 2001 for 4 murders .. confessed to killing at least 70 women in Washington state throughout the 1980’s – 1990’s. He was convicted of 49 murders & sentenced to life without parole.

    BUT ..
    1: DID HE DO IT .. (?) ..
    2: DID HE DO IT ALONE .. (?) ..
    3: HOW .. (?) ..
    After extensive reading & watching video footage .. I concluded that Gary Ridgway was the fall guy / the patsy .. Gary Ridgway could not have committed these murders .. alone .. I believe that it was a game that was played by .. (1) all the people of his work place .. for the murders to have gone on for so long the police were in on it for sure .. that there were many more people killed than disclosed .. both men & women were killed .. prostitutes & gay men also ( these people were easy targets because they were not considered as valuable in society .. people brought in from out of state .. & maybe even killing sprees committed on holiday excursions ..
    The Club.

    1. There has to be a grave yard somewhere & may be a few .. but all in the same area .. where the bodies of the victims of this club are buries .. a cul-de-sac .. a street or passage that is closed at one end.

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