October 2, 2023

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Victorians who made plans to visit the ski fields this season have had their holiday plans smashed by the Andrew’s communist regimes demands that would require proof of a negative polymerase chain reaction Covid test within the past 72 hours before they would be allowed onto a Victorian ski field.

Victorian ski-field operators and tourism industry have been left devastated by last year’s lock downs feel targeted by the Andrews Labor regime and were looking forward to a bumper season.

In their mad push to destroy the state of Victoria and jobs the Andrews communist regime are unfairly targeting the ski industry which will have long term and devastating impacts on communities and jobs.

Falls Creek Chamber of Commerce president Lisa Logan said: “We are absolutely being victimized by all of this when it’s not required for any other destination.

“Literally before I even knew the news, people were canceling their bookings.

Victoria has recorded no new local Covid cases, with a strong turnout of more than 25,600 people tested on Wednesday but the Andrew’s regime continues to punish the people of Victoria while focusing on the destruction of Businesses and jobs.

Premier Daniel Andrews’ and his communist Regime are demanding that children as young as three need to be tested before going to the snow fields so this of course is fueling mass cancellations as families don’t want to be treated like lab rats in a lab.

Chief health officer, Brett Sutton says “A single case infectious on the mountain would be a potential super spreader event.”

I guess this means that it’s highly possible that the Victorian ski fields could turn into a COVID-19 disaster zone with mild manured families turning into flesh eating zombies.

The Andrew’s communist regime are holding the state of Victoria and it’s people hostage using a never ending vicious circle of lock downs, fear mongering and COVID nonsense to maintain brutal control.

The testing requirement has all but destroyed holiday plans for Melburnians who had planned a trip to the snow with friends and families after more punishing lock downs by the Andrew’s Labor Government and their COVID clowns. 

With such limited season to operate and suffering though brutal lock downs and bush fires the alpine tourism industry in Victoria are now facing more devastation.

When will the people of Victoria stand up together to fight back against this communist regime that is slowly consuming the entire state?

When will all the business owners and workers of Victoria stand up together to say “enough is enough” and simply go back to their lives and work?

The communist regime can’t arrest and fine everyone at the same time so it’s time to shake of the shackles Victoria and push this beast back into it’s cage.


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