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Anger Builds in California, Pro-Vaxxer Hyenas Worried.


Perhaps, a few months ago,  California State Senator Richard Pan MD, the consummate arrogant self-serving Pediatrician(?), had visions of being the next Governor of the State of California, maybe even the President of the US, comfortably carried into office with vaccine manufacturer money – shiploads of it, so-to-speak, being offloaded in the Sacramento Seaport.

What was the money for?  It went to every sleazy Democrat in State office as payment for their passing of Senate Bill 277 (SB277), mandating “Made In China” death pus capsules (vaccines) for all of California’s children.

But today, I’d say, that grinning fool, Pan, wonders if he is going to survive the year.  There is a video out, which shows an important story of EXACTLY where the “No on SB277,” and the whole US anti-vaccination campaign, really is.  In short, Pan, and his paymaster network, are rattled.  VERY rattled. And, they should be, for their situation worsens every day.

Why?  Californians are not just angry over the way they were treated, they are livid.  And the American public is waking up very quickly.

I am going to show you that short three minute forty-four second video – but before I do I want to point out what to look for in it.  A lot happens very fast.

The video, many of you have already seen, is where Pan, the toothy buffoon, claims that “water is the most dangerous thing in vaccines.”   It has provided belly laughs in our anti-vaxxer world.  It clearly shows Pan for what he really is. 

You would be wise to watch the video all the way through once, then, play it again, stopping here and there to play it back, so you can savor the moments.  Then you can call your friends and say “Did you see that, and That, and THAT…?”

The whole video is full of “Great Moments.”

More, those “Great Moments” are sometimes happening in two, maybe three, maybe four, different parts of the screen at exactly the same time.  You have to watch Pan, then play it back, and watch the “astroturfers” (fake grass-roots group) he came with, play it back again, and watch the Public Health Moderator.  Then, do it again, and watch the audience segments.

Pan’s explanation(?) of “water” in vaccines is classic.  And, a California District actually elected this twit to the State Senate.

The “key” to the video is the last sixteen (16) seconds.  

If I were to make a video about the video, I’d start with the last sixteen seconds.  Why?  There, in that last sixteen seconds, LOOK at Pan.  Then watch the last three (3) seconds more than once.  What are we seeing?  Pan is so out of sorts, so rattled, and so afraid, he has surrounded himself with THUGS.  Watch him.  That is a man who is, right then, having a public diarrhea experience.

A public diarrhea experience…

Those ear-plug thugs, surrounding Pan, had to be wearing non-slip shoes to follow Pan out of there.  Pan is either going to have to change Dry Cleaners often, or start wearing Depends – for Men, to public meetings. For sure, anyone standing within twenty feet was treated to a sample of the REAL SMELL of the pro-vaxxer contingency.

And I HEARTILY APPROVE of whoever set this up, and literally “Scared the Shit out of Dicky Pan…”

Go watch the video, linked just below, now.

Then come back and I’ll tell you what this means, specifically.  But, in general, what this means is that the entire vaccine, and Big Pharma, dialogue has changed.  That’s why Pan was terrified (and leaking). 

Think about this – Last week the American Medical Association (AMA) came out against “direct to the public drug advertising.”  That is MAJOR.  It is a major sea-change in American health care thinking, and I believe it came about because of the Big Pharma’s arrogant attempt to make their “Made in China” vaccine products MANDATORY.

What is the behind-the-scenes message conveyed by the AMA?  I think it is this – Even mainstream US medicine has had enough of Big Pharma, and the sleazy, greedy, poisonous, US Vaccine Program was the-straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back…

Click here to see the video.

Californians lost the first two battles over Mandatory Vaccines…

Frankly, as an activist, I am glad they did.  For if they had just simply defeated a Mandatory Vaccine bill like other States did, the drug lords would have just quietly, and incrementally, slipped bills into law everywhere there was a buyable Democrat in public office.  A little here, and a little there.

But, with the arrogance of the Democratic Party legislators in California with their blatant acceptance of Big Pharma money, and their almost SPITTING on parents of vaccine damaged children, they passed SB277.

I love it.  It turns out the people in California “concerned” about vaccines weren’t sheep.  They haven’t yet come together statewide with a strategy, but individual units are terrifying Pan and his “astroturfer” (fake grass-roots group) machinery just by publicly confronting them.

Better yet, is the national mind set change. There are now MILLIONS  of true “anti-vaxxers,” and the numbers grow every day.


The Massive Sea-Change…

It is coming in several ways.  Let’s look at them…

(A)  The attitude in mainstream – Here is what the AMA was saying:

“Physicians cited concerns that a growing proliferation of ads is driving demand for expensive treatments despite the clinical effectiveness of less costly alternatives.

“Today’s vote in support of an advertising ban reflects concerns among physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions, and the role that marketing costs play in fueling escalating drug prices,” said AMA Board Chair-elect Patrice A. Harris, M.D., M.A. “Direct-to-consumer advertising also inflates demand for new and more expensive drugs, even when these drugs may not be appropriate.”

The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. Advertising dollars spent by drug makers have increased by 30 percent in the last two years to $4.5 billion, according to the market research firm Kantar Media.

New AMA policy also calls for convening a physician task force and launching an advocacy campaign to promote prescription drug affordability by demanding choice and competition in the pharmaceutical industry, and greater transparency in prescription drug prices and costs.

“Physicians strive to provide the best possible care to their patients, but increases in drug prices can impact the ability of physicians to offer their patients the best drug treatments,” said Dr.  Harris. “Patient care can be compromised and delayed when prescription drugs are unaffordable and subject to coverage limitations by the patient’s health plan. In a worst-case scenario, patients forego necessary treatments when drugs are too expensive.”

What does this mean?  Up front, and NUMBER ONE it would mean that Merck, and the other sleazy drug lords, WOULD NO LONGER CONTROL MAINSTREAM MEDIA…  Period…


And, NUMBER TWO, the American public is already aware that drugs ARE NOT THE BEST ANSWER, to almost every health question.  Without Pharma’s financial control of the television networks, those same networks are going to have to be nice, and polite, to other health alternatives…

If we get away from drug lord domination, we could, actually, solve problems like Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc. 

Think of that…

(B)  The attitude of the American Public –

The biggest thing is that the “anti-vaxxers” have taken off the gloves, and started to tell the truth about the reality of vaccines and the greedy, sleazy, child damaging, Vaccine Construction.  Parents are no longer reticent to tell some pocket-lining Pediatrician to “keep your dangerous pus-filled needles away from my children.” 

Americans are doing their own research, and they are finding out, not only how they have been hoaxed, but HOW LONG they have been hoaxed.  Simply, they are finding out that vaccines are not “Safe and Effective,” and never have been. 

Americans are finding out that vaccines are “Dangerous and Worthless.” 

Now we are getting somewhere.  With that you can see why Dicky Pan leaks in public..


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