October 2, 2023

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Anti-terrorism And the response to people challenging Covid-19 jabs

For the attention of:
Mark Carroll
Police Association of South Australia
[email protected]
Mark, re the article on The Advertiser today: SA’s top anti-terrorism police officer says Covid has fuelled a rise in violent neo-Nazi views among middle-class suburban men, featuring Noel Bamford, assistant commissioner of police. (See copy attached.)
Yet another fear-mongering sensationalising article on the Murdoch media, it’s part of a constant torrent of Covid-related articles designed to keep beating up the fear and division in the community.
The article associates questioning Covid-19 jabs and lockdowns with ‘far-right violent views’, apparently seeking to demonise people who legitimately challenge the imposition of lockdowns, and mandating of fast-tracked experimental medical interventions such as the defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’.
As usual, there’s no disclosure of conflicts of interest, i.e. that the Murdoch media, aka News Corp Australia, is associated with vaccine research, via its corporate partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is also involved in Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute.
It was modelling out of the Doherty Institute, influenced by the controversial modelling of Neil Ferguson et al, Imperial College London, that put Australia into lockdown in early 2020.
It’s way past time for an investigation into how Covid-19 has been handled in Australia, see for example my emails to Scott Morrison: Scott Morrison “a hypocrite and a liar” – informed consent and the Covid-19 jab rollout, 10 February 2022; and: No Jab, No Pay/No Play – coercive vaccination in Australia – PM Scott Morrison and the Murdoch Media, 18 February 2021.
See below my frank comment submitted on the article on The Advertiser today – but of course it’s already been rejected, as it goes against the conflicted Murdoch media’s preferred Covid-19 narrative…
Now people are being demonised for “anti-vaccination sentiment, a lot of anti-lockdown sentiment…”
Really? The spotlight should be shone on a police commissioner, Grant Stevens, who signs off on directions that restrict South Australians, including restraining them to their homes, and compelling them to wear masks – on what evidence exactly?
Similarly Grant Stevens has signed off on directions mandating various occupations to submit to defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’, trashing the right to ‘valid voluntary consent’. Again, on what evidence?
What evidence does chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier provide to back up any of the draconian impositions on South Australians for the past two years? Apparently she’s not capable of standing up to explain herself at the judicial review. And where is Grant Stevens?
Now we have a police force that is prepared to turn against South Australians who challenge these impositions? The photo of the heavily armed and armoured STAR group in this article is really beyond the pale, how sinister that this type of force has been assembled against largely fair law-abiding South Australians.
What kind of ‘liberal democracy’ are we living in…? It certainly seems to have gone AWOL over the past two years under the ’emergency laws’ that again have no EVIDENCE to underpin them. There will be retrospective critical analysis of the global Covid situation, it is not at all what it was presented to be…
The past two years have been an orgy of fear-mongering and misinformation from the federal and state and territory governments, via a paid off and conflicted corporate media, beating up the Covid threat – for what purpose?
Perhaps people around the world are waking up to what is going on…
It’s time real journalists got on the job and told the real story.
Mark, the handling of the highly controversial Covid-19 situation has severely dented my perception of the South Australian police force as a protective organisation for the community.
While SA police presence at freedom rallies in Adelaide was not obtrusive, and was helpful in the city marches, the shocking vision of abuse by police depicted in the Daniel Andrews’ dictatorship of Victoria shows what can happen in Australia.
The representation of the STAR group in The Advertiser as a threat against people challenging Covid-19 jabs and lockdowns is most sinister. 
Elizabeth Hart
Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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