Are we volunteering prematurely to be organ donors?


  • Did you say yes to having “organ donor” placed on your driver’s license?
  • Did you sign a “do not resuscitate” form on your loved one’s behalf?
  • Did you create “advanced directives” for your own medical record?

While the above actions seem benevolent or compassionate to most of us, they can all be interpreted as giving consent for organ removal . . . prematurely. In a significant number of instances men, women and even children, who might have recovered from their injury or illness in time, have their lives terminated instead so their vital organs can be inserted into someone else. As barbaric as this sounds, it is going on in many hospitals across America . . . and beyond. Organ transplantation is a big money maker for both the hospitals and the physicians engaged in this so-called life saving enterprise.

Dr. Paul A. Bryne, M.D. has been exposing the borderline criminality regarding organ transplantation for many years. His research is impeccable and his conclusions – frightening as they may be – are extremely valid. He has compiled lots of important documentation on his web site: Truth About Organ Donation.


4 thoughts on “Are we volunteering prematurely to be organ donors?

  1. My second eldest daughter sent to me – in a text –

    “And I would strongly recommend that you stop writing about anyone on line, because that alone can get you in serious trouble.”

    This is after she took, without my consent, important documents my new mobile phone, & failed to return substantial monies to me.

    I was expecting Mossad – hey.
    Just had a nice shower & am off to bed,
    Been up all night again.
    Hasn’t the Australian government been well behaved & quiet lately – ??

  2. As far as I have read, which is reasonably, organ transplant is mostly a failed venture.
    And, until such time as I have evidence to change my mind, I am thus scathing about the dirty little perversions of the medical profession.

  3. While I am here I may as well have a bitch.
    I had an appointment with a cardio surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital –
    At the last moment the transport for myself & my power chair fell through.
    I rang the appropriate number to ask,
    “If I arrive in a taxi, can I have the use of a wheelchair belonging to St Vincent’s Hospital so I can Keep my appointment?”
    “PROBABLY NOT.” was the response of the female receptionist.
    “I have waited three months for this appointment,” I pleaded.
    “PROBABLY NOT”, was the response again.
    “I will have to reschedule the appointment then,”
    “I CAN GIVE YOU AN APPOINTMENT IN TWO MONTHS.” was all the assistance I got
    From the SLAG.

  4. Dr. Paul A Bryne M.D. is 100% correct.
    I lay dead along the width of the hospital bed for at least 15 -20 minutes – hooked up to heart monitoring equipment –
    It was the lady who swept the floor before breakfast that saw me from the hallway & called for help.
    While I was a corps a nurse walked right past me & could not tell that there was anything wrong.

    An eminant cardio nurse is coming to my house soon – we are going to come up with a plan to make me well – finally – I have 2 very nice cocktail glasses – I will buy a bottle of Vodka & a bottle of Tia Maria – 2 parts Vodka & almost one part Tia Maria makes a nice drink – we will leave the front door open – get totally pissed & dile 000 – \”take us to St Vinnies\” we will say.

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