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ASIO urging tradies to apply for jobs as surveillance officers


Australia’s spy agency is urging tradies to down tools and take up a career protecting the nation as surveillance officers.

A new ASIO advertising campaign calls on “problem-solvers with a wealth of life experience” to “trade your tools for a role protecting our ­nation”, The Daily Telegraph reports.

An ASIO spokeswoman said the agency was not necessarily seeking people with trade skills but rather individuals with “the necessary attributes”.

“We are targeting a range of applicants, including males and females who may never have contemplated a career within ASIO,” she said.

The organisation warns that a switching careers to join ASIO is not a decision that should be taken lightly as it is both “a profession and a lifestyle commitment”.

“Surveillance officers are highly competent specialists who are capable of adapting to their surroundings in order to covertly undertake their role,” the spy agency says.

The job description also warns applicants that “to be a professional surveillance officer, you will need to be capable of consistently prioritising your job requirements above those of your personal needs”.

Trained officer’s salaries start at $77,500.


4 thoughts on “ASIO urging tradies to apply for jobs as surveillance officers

  1. Once upon a time, milkmen delivered milk to your home every morning.Today, milk is purchased at the supermarket & there is no longer a need for men to be servicing the neighbourhoods of Australia … or is there ?

    The Mysterious, Super-Elite Pilgrims Society.
    The most distinguished internationa organization in the world.
    The most illustrious world-wide personalities.
    Q: do you think that Our Malcolm Turnbull & the rest of the mottly crew that we call Australias political arena, is a honorary member of the Pilgrims Society ?
    Tony Abbott would give his two front teeth to be a member – I bet.
    Q: do you think that the likes of Glen Stevens & the banking gang of thieves are ?
    Surely Mark Carney, Govenor of the Bank of England is – he is a really loyal little henchman for the global banking cartels – though he is Canadian.
    Why, he nearily turned himself inside out, trying to convince the world that BAIL-IN MUST BE IMPLIMENTED INTO THE GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM – THIS WAS AFTER CYPTUS WAS CONVERTED TO BAIL-IN, which decimated their nations economic viability in global trade & business, of course.
    But do you think that Australias “creme de la creme” politicians are honarary members ?

  3. Nothing new…… the Australian government has been employing workers to ‘dob in a mate!’ for decades and it has been very successful particularly in the taxation business.
    You see….. these bureaucratic slime bags who sit behind desks sponsored by heavy salaries and Supers obey the Corporate laws and put Common Law into their waste baskets.
    The idea is to ‘get the worker.’… just in case he is avoiding their unconstitutional laws….. make him pay and suffer for being human and using the sweat of his brow to survive…… GUS

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