November 30, 2023

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Australia Bans Autism Mom as an ‘ENEMY OF THE STATE!”

“If we’d known you were coming, we wouldn’t have let you in the country!” says immigration agent at the airport.

Exclusive Bolen Report interview with Polly Tommey, co-founder of Autism File magazine and a producer of VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe on being BANNED from Australia for three years!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

The global vaccine state has entered the final Mad King George phase of its existence.  Two examples show their days are numbered.

Autism mom, Polly Tommey watched her cameraman Anu Vaidya go through the electronic passport controls without incident, then followed behind him. They had completed their Australian tour of the film, VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe and were heading to New Zealand.  Tommey entered through passport control, but did not fare as well as her cameraman.

She was detained by immigration, they asked for her phone, her I-Pad, and took all of her correspondence with the Australian group, Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) and photographed every piece of paper she had, filling up three USB sticks.

She was detained for approximately forty minutes and aggressively questioned. They wanted to know who was making money from the film VAXXED, and whether Dr. Andrew Wakefield was in the country.  The agents also made her write Andrew Wakefield’s name on a piece of paper.

Apparently, the agents of Australian immigration cannot sound out the name of ANDREW WAKEFIELD.  It’s such a hard name to spell.  I’m guessing these apes are the same types who have to move their lips when they read.

During her time in detention, the agents also told Tommey that she was being banned from Australia for three years and if they’d known she was coming into the country they would not have allowed her to enter.

When  Tommey asked on what grounds she was being detained, the agents said she would shortly receive an explanation through email.  That explanation from the Australian Government: Department of Immigration and Border Protection arrived on the morning of Thursday, August 9, 2017 and is reproduced in part below:

“Evidence of grounds for cancellation:

Open source information indicates that Ms Tommey is a prominent anti-vaccination activist in the United States of America.

Ms. Tommey recently visited Australia participating in delivering seminars at numerous locations about anti-vaccination and promoted an anti-vaccination film titled ‘Vaxxed’.

Based on this information, I am satisfied that if the wider Australian community became aware of Ms Tommey’s intended activities while she was in Australia recently, her presence in Australia would be a risk to the good order of the Australian community.

“Good order”, in the context of 116(1)(e) is concerned with actions by a visa holder which have an impact on public activities or which manifest themselves in a public way, including the risk of an adverse reaction by certain members of Australian society to the visa holder’s presence in Australia.  Therefore, it appears Ms Tommey’s presence in Australia would be a risk to the good order of the Australian community and I am satisfied that there is a ground to cancel your visa under section 116(1)(e).”

I was able to reach Polly Tommey by phone in New Zealand on August 8, 2017 and have a brief discussion about the incident and her Australian tour.

Tommey was appalled by the incident, telling the immigration agents, “This doesn’t make any sense.  You let my camera guy through, he did exactly the same thing as me, and I’m standing here.  What’s going on that he’s fine and I’m not?”

It can be very intimidating to find yourself at the mercy of any government’s agents.  Tommey said, “I didn’t push anything.  I had two choices.  Let’s have a big fight, or get the hell out of Australia.  I wouldn’t bother going back there anyway.  I really don’t give a shit that they banned me for three years.”

When I asked about her Australian tour of VAXXED, she said“We were in the papers almost every day.  They’re their own worst enemy.  They promoted the fact that we were in Australia and the talks the whole time.  If they had shut up, no one would have even known we were there.  They did this to themselves.  And the more they kept saying VAXXED is dangerous and a pack of lies, of course the more people wanted to see it.  They’re idiots to promote us like they did.”

Tommey went on to explain exactly how the government’s attacks on them fueled the success of their tour.  “We were nowhere near sold out before we arrived.  But the minute we were in Australia and the press got a hold of the story we sold out every venue.  We were packed and had a waiting list of people wanting to see VAXXED.  We’ve never had that in America.  That’s what I’m saying.  These people are idiots.  They did this to themselves.”

In the course of our interview, Tommey returned several times to her thoughts on the government opposition.  “It’s like, you guys are the weakest ever.  They may feel so powerful, but they’re so weak.  They wrote things like, ‘Here comes the VAXXED bus with their smallpox.’  I thought, ‘How old are you people?’ They promoted it to a fever pitch.  It just shows me how unintelligent these people are. Seriously, I despair at their intelligence.”

Tommey believes what was really scaring the Australian government was the interviews they were recording of the parents of unvaccinated children who would discuss the robust health of their children.  “The real problem is that they don’t like the parents telling their stories.  It’s pissing them off.  And it’s not the parents of vaccine-injured children, it’s the unvaccinated.  The health of the unvaccinated is really shutting them out.  Because they can argue about my injured child until they’re blue in the face.  But they cannot argue with the unvaccinated.  Since we’ve started recording the unvaccinated stories, that’s when the heat came on.”

While Tommey is optimistic that the Australian groups will continue to push this forward, she was shaken by the fear of people in the country around this issue. “Most people were petrified of being on camera.  I’ve never been in a country where there’s so much fear.  They’re great people, but they’re just petrified. People are petrified that their kids are going to be taken away from them.  They live in utter fear.”


Our friend Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” and publisher of Natural News, was kind enough to link my White House and FDA/CDC petition for a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM ON CHILDHOOD VACCINES to his website on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

In an article he published on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, he details what happened to his website after posting that link.  The article is entitled, “NATURAL NEWS TARGETED IN MASSIVE, WELL-FUNDED, MULTI-NATION DDoS ATTACK TO SILENCE DEBATE ON VACCINES.”

From the article, “The attack has been waged for over 48 hours and continues.  While Natural News servers were never brought down, the initial wave of the attack successfully overwhelmed the hardware firewall protecting Natural News servers, causing gateway traffic failures.  At its peak, the attack bombarded Natural News servers with 250,000 requests per second.  No ransom demands were received.  No warnings were given.  This was not a profiteering scheme; it was a ‘destroy’ mission, plain and simple.”

Adams believes that the scale of this attack leaves no doubt that he is dealing with a state actor, most likely the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which he believes has become a weaponized propaganda and enforcement wing of the vaccine industry.

But Adams isn’t taking it lying down.

Would you expect anything less from the “Health Ranger”?  Further on in the article he writes:

“Natural News offers $50,000 reward for evidence linking cyber attacks on vaccine websites to the CDC.

“As part of our efforts to expose the criminality and corruption of the CDC, Natural News is offering a $50,000 reward for evidence that conclusively links the CDC to cyber attacks on vaccine truth websites.

More details on this reward offer will be posted soon.  If you are working inside the CDC (or with the CDC) and have such evidence, obviously do not send it to us through any channel that can be tracked by the NSA.  Otherwise, you will be murdered like Seth Rich, obviously.  (Not a joke.)”

Author’s Opinion…

Do you really need much more evidence that our enemies may be BIG, but they are STUPID?  This is the time for the resistance to stand up.  The castle walls may look tall and intimidating, but there are hardly any troops inside.

There’s an old World War II saying about bomber pilots that, “If you’re not getting flak, you’re not over the target.”  So many of us are in the air over our targets that we should not be worried.  Of course we are taking tremendous flak. They are cornered and we are bombing them.  Their time is almost over.


I encourage everybody to join the White House and FDA/CDC petition at

The time for truth and justice are at hand if YOU join me in this fight.

(Disclosure – I have written several articles for Autism File magazine and am a regular contributor.)

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&


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  1. “her presence in Australia would be a risk to the good order of the Australian community – good order in the context of 1161E is concerned with actions by a visa holder which have an impact on public activities – or which manifest themselves in a public way – including the risk of an adverse action – by certain members of Australian society to the visa holders presence in Australia – therefore – MS Tommy’s presence would be a risk to the good order of the Australian community … bla bla bla.”

    EQUAL to the hype & hysteria that a ROCK STAR would generate / incite.


    And it needs to be broadcast to the world at large & fought out in court if necessary.
    From little things big things grow – every movement – every protest started somewhere – if even just one person is prepared to work at it – it will come to impact the cause dramatically.
    I know this for sure.

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