October 4, 2023

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‘Australia is literally the worst country’: US anti-vaxxer BANNED from Australia after secret screenings of VAXXED

I will let Bruce deliver this message to Polly.

The producer of anti-vaccination film Vaxxed has been banned from Australia after entering the country to secretly tour the movie around the nation.

Polly Tommey revealed she had been banned in two separate Facebook videos after arriving in New Zealand with the rest of the team.

She claimed her phone had been confiscated by immigration officials, who had taken photographs of her emails, and she had been told she would not be welcome back for three years.

‘Australia to me is literally the worst country I’ve visited,’ she said during an interview with some New Zealand parents.

‘I had my phone taken away as I left. They confiscated my phone and took photos of all my emails and texts.

‘They also told me I was banned from Australia for three years.’

Later, she took to Facebook again to explain the situation further, where she revealed immigration officials were particularly interested in her correspondence with Meryl Dorey.

Ms Dorey runs the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network, Australia’s most controversial anti-vaccination group.

‘I got pulled over, and I’m held in there for a long time,’ Ms Tommey explained to viewers.

‘They took my phone, they took photographs of everything in my phone.

‘I could have kicked up a fuss and called a lawyer and the British Embassy, but I didn’t want to miss my flight to New Zealand.

‘After lots of questions, and questions about how dangerous ‘Vaxxed’ is ,and taking photos of any correspondence between me and the Australian Vaccination Network, they told me I was banned from Australia for three years.’

Ms Tommey said she was not given a reason for her ban, simply told her anti-vaccination film was dangerous.

‘They didn’t give me a reason, they couldn’t give me a reason. They just said if they’d known I was coming in beforehand, they wouldn’t have let me in,’ she said.

The Vaxxed team’s tour through Australia was conducted under a thick sheath of secrecy.

Ticket holders to the film screenings were not given an exact location for the screening until two hours beforehand, and in at least one case were made to meet about 500 metres from the actual venue, then walk in a pack to get there.

Many of the venues themselves revealed they were unaware of what the screenings were really for, with one public school claiming they were told the group would be learning about organic vegetables.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Department of Immigration for comment.


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