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Australia Launches Controversial Ministry To Reprogram Men


Australia’s Premier of Victoria has established a controversial Ministry aimed at reprogramming men, appointing Tim Richardson as the nation’s first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change, amidst concerns over gender-based violence and civil liberties.

Every time a totalitarian government emerges, massive initiatives to socially engineer the populace to conform to less rebellious habits accompany them. Propaganda and indoctrination are typically used to identify and target certain groups that pose a danger to the system. Concurrently, the general populace is likewise socialized to despise and distrust certain groups. The more docile populace is thus shaped by the established elites into a buffer against potential overthrow by revolutionaries.

However, what occurs when social engineers seek to establish worldwide despotism? The list of potential rebels keeps getting exponentially longer, while attempts to suppress or control them all get much more intricate. How can the ruling class more effectively stifle the populace and streamline their agenda?

Attacking and disabling the greatest segment of the population that is most likely to cause them difficulties down the road is the only viable solution. Which group of people is most inclined to rebel against the system? Manly men are the answer. As a result, the goal of this new global order is to subvert and destroy men by designating masculinity as an existential threat to civilization, on par with nuclear weapons or global warming.

Australia has been at the forefront of numerous authoritarian initiatives in recent years. They committed shockingly heinous abuses of civil liberties during the COVID panic. The complete takeover of DEI within the Australian government and the spread of radical feminism maybe even worse. It appears that Australia has nearly succumbed to the horrors of awakened religion.

For this reason, it comes as no surprise at all that the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria has established a new ministry whose job it is to influence and maybe even govern men.

This month, state representative Tim Richardson was named by Jacinta Allan to be the first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change, making him the first person of that kind in the nation. Following Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s declaration of gender-based violence as a “national crisis” and his pledge to increase government action, the appointment was made. Australia used to blame weapons for violent crime; these days, they blame men in general.

Australia Launches Controversial Ministry To Reprogram Men 2

The new initiative, according to the mainstream media, is a reaction to a “crisis of sexist violence against women.” The information doesn’t support this, which is the issue. According to Australian hospital data, the number of assaults and homicides has steadily decreased over the past 20 years for both men and women. Additionally, the figures indicate that men are far more likely than women to become victims.

Naturally, everything relies on how the government interprets “sexist violence.” Does this involve harsh language or opposing viewpoints? Remember that words can have the same weight as violence in the eyes of progressives. It’s interesting to note that Tim Richardson stated that his position will mostly concentrate on the internet and how it “affects men’s attitudes towards women.” To put it another way, the government probably intends to censor discourse on the internet to stop “toxic” masculine behaviors.

Watch the video below:

It is not the place of “all men” to bear the consequences of the small number of crimes committed. The role of the government is not to control citizen conduct.

In one way or another, every Western country has participated in the drive to discredit men, using third-wave feminism as a springboard. All Australia is doing is serving as a beta test for similar initiatives that will be carried out in other nations.

Feminism must be used to create an excuse; men cannot just be attacked for being men or for having the ability to rebel against an authoritarian regime; there must be a “victim” who needs to be protected for the attack on men to appear acceptable. Thus, those who uphold masculinity are also charged with endangering women’s safety.

Stated differently, the argument goes that totalitarians are the “good guys” since they ostensibly care about the welfare of women. Furthermore, since men are everywhere, totalitarians must also be everywhere to suppress that scary masculinity. All of a sudden, the international system is revered as a priceless guardian of women’s security.

Naturally, none of this is accurate. That is demonstrated by the establishment’s fixation on the transsexualism cult. Femininity is being attacked almost as much as masculinity from their insistence that women are merely a “social construct” that can be substituted by mentally sick men wearing wigs and cosmetics. However, if one is willing to entertain the notion that the purpose of these programs is to make Western nations more vulnerable to attack, then the overemphasis on men makes sense. The war on manly males makes perfect sense in this perspective.

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