September 25, 2023

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Australian Corporate Media – The Flu Causes Heart Attacks & Strokes

MSM parasites distracting the public away from the MASSIVE elephant in the room.


The Australian MSM Corporate media and celebrity doctors are now claiming on live breakfast TV that cold and flu symptoms can cause heart attacks and strokes.

These pitiful lapdogs from hell laugh and mock the brain-damaged general public while covering over the skyrocketing injuries and deaths being caused by mRNA COVID shots.

These overpaid media Hyenas laugh and cackle at the brainwashed public as they lie through their rotten teeth on national Television while pushing dangerous and potentially deadly COVID jabs like pimps for their Big Pharma overlords.

1 thought on “Australian Corporate Media – The Flu Causes Heart Attacks & Strokes

  1. Australian mainstream media (MSM) is our most destructive and powerful enemy behind Australian gates.
    They have promoted the demise of Australia by supporting the, unelected, United Nations (UN) and World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda to establish a one world government of total control to rule over all Australians and T.Rest of the world. Klaus Schwab of (WEF) was for real when he said “you will own nothing”.
    They supported the CoVid fear campaign and made it a pandemic that it was not.
    They have committed treason against the Australian people and must be judged and penalised for that.
    Convicted treason was execution but our political folk changed that to imprisonment; certainly not for humanitarian grounds. As our media and politicians are synergistically bound does it wonder the reality.

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