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Australian mother publishes book exposing dangers of vaccines

New book reveals the light on the vaccine industry in Australia. Photo: Supplied

An Australian mother has published a book detailing the dangers of vaccinations, revealing new information about subversive aspects of vaccines into the public arena, while shining a spotlight on how propaganda, consensus science and fraudulent information has sold a corporate product as safe.

Agnotology in Vaccines, a new book published by mother-of-four Pixie Seymour, exposes an extensive list of names and joins the dots of the vaccine industry in Australia and around the world – attempting to “end a culture of ignorance by lifting the lid on the foul practice that is agnotology in vaccines”.


Agnotology – or “culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data” – regarding vaccines and their pseudoscience have negatively impacted human health due to fraudulent propaganda.

The book details all aspects regarding the safety, efficacy and toxic poisons in all vaccines that are being accepted by Big Pharma, the medical profession and its ancillary associations, federal and state health agencies, school districts and even more profusely, by the print and electronic media.

In addition to spilling the beans on the inner circle of vaccinators in Australia, this book also:

  • Gives examples of how to avoid being mandated into receiving vaccines – protecting you and your family’s health now and into the future.
  • Chapter 9 explores the roles of cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and Stockholm Syndrome. Never again wonder why pro vaccinators seem to absolutely refuse to look at any ‘science’ that doesn’t fit their world view.
  • The book takes a look at people that have (mostly) risked it all; career, family, house, relationships, even life, to bring you the honest truth about the dangers of vaccines.
  • A personalized guide to ‘Uninformed Things Pro Vaxxers Say With Refutations’, a great reference to use when confronted with those common sound bites like “vaccines are safe and effective”.

Endorsed by other leading ‘anti-vaccine’ figures like Professor Judy Wilyman, the book attempts to relay the concerns of thousands of parents across the country in regards to the collective and unregulated practice of mass immunisation in Australia.


The announcement continues the momentum built by opponents to vaccines in Australia, a group that has seen parents beginning campaigns to form individual and independent children services, including childcare and schooling, in a bid to counter new immunisation policies.

According to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Monthly Statistics Report, Pg. 9, as of November 28, 2017, $3.79 billion has been paid to claimants and for attorneys’ fees regarding vaccines damages. This also confirms the work found in VAERS reporting system data reports.

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In addition, the documentary VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe – which saw producers targeted for trying to promote in Australia – exposes documents fraud perpetrated by the CDC and its scientists regarding vaccines.

In 2015, TOTT spoke with campaigner Lissa Weckert at a ‘Freedom of Choice’ vaccine rally in Brisbane, as she outlined some of the major concerns with new legislation that removes parents of tax benefits and financial support for not vaccinating their children:

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In a statement released to TOTT News, Pixie speaks on the new book to reveal to readers what it is all about and why they will love the content inside:

“Governments around the world are mandating vaccines at a rate of knots and the safety studies have never been done! 

The vaccine debate is not all as it seems. Vaccines do kill and maim every day and you aren’t being told about it!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to virtually force ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ to take a fresh look at vaccination and the damage that it’s doing to our children. Relying on misleading and inaccurate scientific data has resulted in a dead and severely disabled generation of children and a tainted human genome. This must stop!”

The book is available for purchase for only $15 via or directly through Pixie at


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Note: This book is not intended as a ‘scientific guide’ to vaccines dangers, however it does include exactly 100 high quality references to verify all claims.


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