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Australian Senator Warns WEF Is Penetrating Governments Around the World, Subverting Western Values


Australian Senator Alex Antic has warned that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is penetrating governments around the world in an effort to subvert Western values.

The South Australia Senator told the Senate this week that the globalist organisation headed by Klaus Schwab is introducing authoritarianism and Marxist ideology into governments the world over.

Antic cited an admission by Schwab, in which the WEF founder claimed to have “penetrated” the Canadian government, among others.

Speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics in 2017, Schwab said: “I know that half of this cabinet, even more than half, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. It’s true in Argentina, it’s true in France. Now with the president who is a young global leader.”

Antic warned the Senate that the well-organised and well-funded WEF, which promotes globalist issues, including climate change, so-called systemic racism and sexism, and online digital identities, is really an anti-capitalist, anti-free market organisation that seeks to subvert Western values and political processes.

“Their message is designed to appear harmless, but in fact, the ideology that underpins it is revolutionary and destructive,” Antic said.

“They train aspirational leaders in their ideology and they help them make connections in spheres including politics, business, and the arts.”

The Senator said WEF has consistently advocated for the harshest and most extreme COVID measures that “assault many of our basic liberties,” such as, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and mask mandates.

“The central theme of the World Economic Forum’s material is, what they call, ‘The Great Reset.’ Which is Klaus Schwab’s term for the opportunity the pandemic has presented to reimagine and reinvent the economic policies of the West.”

Antic also noted WEF’s now-deleted viral video which predicted that by 2030, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

“You don’t have to be a political philosopher to figure out that if you own nothing, the state owns everything,” Antic said. Adding, “there’s a word for this. It’s called Communism.”

2 thoughts on “Australian Senator Warns WEF Is Penetrating Governments Around the World, Subverting Western Values

  1. It’s not the state that will own everything and we nothing. As is the case already – namely that a handful of the mega wealthy individuals and corporations and the banksters owning the vast majority of natural and man-made assets – it’s this 1 percent or so who will own absolutely everything, including human beings, at least those who have been genetically modified, like various crops around the world.

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