December 6, 2023

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Australian soldiers train for ‘population protection’ against protesters

Containing, dispersing and detaining.


Australian soldiers have participated in a drill that simulates the ‘controlling of aggressive protesters’ for ‘population protection’.


Australian soldiers are being trained on how to confront, disperse and arrest protesters.

The new revelations come from a recent training drill conducted in Townsville by the forces.

This past week, personnel from the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), with the support of the 1st Military Police Battalion (1MP), conducted what they call “population protection control” training at Lavarack Barracks.

According to the press release on the drill:

“Soldiers with shields, unruly role players and snapping canines were all that was needed to run a population protection control (PPC) scenario in Townsville.”

‘Population protection control’ and ‘unruly role payers’.

Sounds like very innocent names and standard exercise befitting of our soldiers.

However, the ‘unruly’ individuals they are training to ‘control’ are actually — in real terms — protesters.

You see, the headline you see above didn’t always read as it is.

Before the headline was changed, screenshots were taken that reveal the true intention of this exercise.

Here, we see the real purpose of the exercise.To ‘deal with protesters’.

The press release further details this when they describe a “realistic scenario of aggressive protesters”:

Tell me again why soldiers would ever be used to do this type of activity?George Christensen weighed in on the matter:

“Military are not supposed to be deployed against civilians. Why is the Australian Defence Force making our troops train on how ‘deal with protesters’? This is alarming.”

The drill press release further reads:

“Infantry sections integrated closely with military police arrest teams, detainee processing capabilities, and military working dogs to enhance security and crowd dispersion.”

Detaining, including dogs. Sounds lovely.

Captain Nicholas Crosbie, from 3RAR’s Alpha Company, said PPC was a ‘non-lethal combat technique to maintain control, detain and protect population’s.

“PPC is primarily used to assist allied or partner forces to maintain protection and control in a stability operation situation,” Captain Crosbie said.

See footage and photos from the Townsville exercise in ‘protest control’ below.


Video: 3rd Brigade – Australian Army
Photo: 3rd Brigade – Australian Army
Photo: 3rd Brigade – Australian Army
Photo: 3rd Brigade – Australian Army
Photo: 3rd Brigade – Australian Army


In 2019, we warned of an impending human rights crisis that was emerging with the continued shift towards a New World Order dystopia, and that is the growing erosion of protests liberties due to legislation and larger agendas.

From ‘crown land management acts’, to G20 strip search powers, to COVID lockdowns, the rights to have our voices heard are diminishing with each and every year.

Now, we must ask the question: What exactly constitutes an ‘aggressive protester’?

If you paid any attention to the Melbourne protest saga during lockdown periods, the media and authorities painted these individuals as ‘radicals’, ‘neo-Nazis’ and other unfounded claims after crowds were routinely provoked and trapped.

We covered some of these deceptions right here on the website:

Thus, who exactly are these soldiers training for? According to the same establishment that routinely demonstrated lies about ‘unhinged violence’, would these Melburnians be classified as targets?

I think you’re starting to see what I’m getting at here.

You must also ask yourself the question: What type of unrest are these soldiers gearing up for, exactly?

Do they know something is coming down the pipeline that we don’t know of?

We will have to wait and see.

If you would like to know more about the military-policing complex in Australia, check out this piece:

As always, peaceful and nonviolent resistance is always the most effective form of protest action.


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