Australia’s Vicious Attack Against Natural Medicine Practitioners & Health Freedoms


Health Australia Party

If you are a natural medicine practitioner or a patient of one, you need to read this NOW especially for the following professions:

Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Myotherapy, Kinesiology, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Massage, Iridology, Reflexology, Pilates or Yoga

Your professions are under serious threat and unless we act NOW, we will see the EFFECTIVE ABOLITION OF YOUR RIGHT TO PRACTICE. Read this article for further information…/new-health-complaints-law-herald…

The Health Australia Party was formed in 2015 to respond to the sustained attacks on natural medicine. HAP believes the best possible defense will come from harnessing the base of goodwill and support from patients and practitioners and by having our people elected to the Senate at the 2016 elections. By having advocates able to speak directly to fellow politicians and expose the bias and non-science behind the attacks, HAP believes it can positively impact the accessibility and longevity of natural medicine.

How can you help?

1. Spread the word, invite your friends to ‘like’ our FB page
2. Consider a donation. Funds are needed for candidate registration (which costs $2000 per candidate!) and marketing
3. Consider volunteering on Election Day (July 2nd) to hand out HAP brochures – email
4. Tag your practitioner friends in this post

Together we CAN make a difference!

Thank you ‪#‎vote1HAP‬


It was a meeting up the coast with the AVN & some info has leaked out in regards to whats on the table.
Big thank you to Lucy Jp & the Inner West crew for organising such a wonderful day. I also wanted to share this information from another gathering that happened in the Northern Rivers yesterday that had about 30 people come and Meryl Dorey president of the AVN attended and verified the following information It’s come to light:
•No Jab No Job was passed a week ago for all Childcare workers.
•September they’re bringing in the adult register.
** Next year it’s proposed that over 65s will loose their pensions if not up to date with vaccines (see below)
•The voting system has changed so please make sure we are all familiar with the changes and what they mean.
•The up and coming census has also changed to now keep our personal info including names and addresses.
+Many other things were covered including current actions being taken nationally etc.
**No Jab No Job was proposed – not passed- YET! But we know, based on past experience, that once something is proposed regarding vaccination restrictions, it will most likely be passed which is why it is VITAL that we get on-side independents into Federal Parliament.
Also, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register will be extended to a lifetime register next year but the discussion about linking acceptance of vaccinations with pension payments was one that took place at the Senate Hearing in October and it has not yet been passed into legislation nor, as far as I know, even introduced yet. It was just discussed by several of the senators as a likely next step.




It’s time!!! A discussion paper has been released as part of the statutory 5-year review of the NSW Public Health Act 2010. The 48 page discussion paper includes sections on public health orders, vaccine preventable diseases in schools and child care (namely the requirement to exclude a child with the disease AND unvaccinated children), and the enrolment of unvaccinated children in childcare. Below I will provide a brief on the relevant sections and then outline WHAT YOU CAN DO…
Page 35 explains that ‘a public health order, among other things, can require a person to be detained and/or treated.’ Currently a person with a category 4 or 5 condition (serious and often life-threatening infectious conditions which have the potential to cause outbreaks with major implications for the community) can have a health order imposed, however the discussion paper asks:
21) Should the current powers for public health orders be extended to include high risk contacts of a person with a Category 4 condition?
Page 37 explains that ‘during an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, a public health officer can take action to exclude a child who is at risk of contracting the disease through not being vaccinated for that condition. ‘
Previously, this item covered primary schools and not high schools because vaccination records were not readily available for high school aged students. Now that the ACIR keeps records to 2015, the discussion paper asks:
25) Should the current provisions in the Act relating to vaccine preventable diseases be extended to apply to high schools?
26) Should the Act be amended to allow a public health officer to direct an unvaccinated child whom the officer reasonably believes has been in contact with a case of a vaccine preventable disease be excluded from child care or school, regardless of whether there is an outbreak at the school or child care the child attends?
Page 41 addresses the enrolment of children in childcare. Currently the NSW Public Health Act allows children with a conscientious objection to vaccination to enroll in childcare, even though the national legislation does not acknowledge the conscientious objection. To be clear, national law covers childcare payments, state law covers enrolment rules. The discussion paper refers to recent changes in VIC & QLD law and notes ‘it is timely to consider whether NSW should also remove the current exemption allowing children of vaccination objectors to be enrolled in child care from the Act.’
The discussion paper does read as though it is likely that the current exemption will be removed… ‘Removal of the conscientious objection exemption from the NSW legislation is consistent with other strategies to encourage timely vaccination and reduce the likelihood of disease transmission in child care facilities, particularly for vulnerable children including immunocompromised children, children on a catch up schedule, and those too young to be fully vaccinated. Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children place these other children at risk of significant health consequences.’ It asks:
28) Should the Public Health Act be amended to remove the conscientious objector exemption to enrolment in a childcare facility from the Act, such that children who are not vaccinated due to their parents’ conscientious objection cannot enrol in child care?
29) If the exemption is not removed from the Act, should other options be pursued to strengthen the requirements to obtain a conscientious objection exemption for enrolment in child care in NSW?
The Review Paper can be found at…/discussion-paper-public-heal…
1) Make a submission! The closing date for comment is this Friday, 3 June 2016. Submissions should be in writing and directed to: Health Protection NSW, NSW Ministry of Health, Locked Bag No. 961, North Sydney NSW 2059
I suggest you respond to the questions outlined above, and that you also send a copy of your submission to your local state MP.
2) Meet with your local state MP – ASAP! Do not write a letter (but do send them your submission), you’ll just get a standard response from an administrative officer. Call and arrange a meeting! Explain to them in your words how this will affect you. You don’t need to know all the stats, just make them more aware! Better still, get a group together and visit your local state MPs in numbers! If you have a local parenting group this is ideal. If you can take some resources with you – printed studies, a book, a documentary – wonderful!
3) Make sure your Childcare Director/Manager and/or your School Principal knows your views. Have a meeting with them too! Chances are they’ve been asked to provide input to a larger submission. Certainly the Australian Childcare Alliance has asked its members for feedback.
The Review Paper can be found at Please feel free to copy and paste this information in other groups, as you won’t be able to share it from here. Thanks!

Read The NSW Draconian Public Health Paper Here:

New Health Complaints Law Heralds An Effective Abolition Of The Right To Practice 17 Popular Natural Health Therapies

“People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones”

When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

Despite my unheeded warnings about the recent Health Complaints legislation, we have witnessed the passing of a remarkably discriminatory Victorian Health Complaints Act, which now sadly heralds an effective Australia wide abolition of the legal right to practice 17 natural therapy professions.

The new mandatory code of conduct includes a requirement to substantiate “any claims made either directly to clients or in advertising or promotional materials about the efficacy of treatment or services he or she provides”, unlike the far lower standards required of the mainstream medical community.

This strict new test, also applicable in most other Australian states, ensures any natural health profession, or individual practitioner, who is singled out, will have no hope of defending any state-based prohibition proceedings.

There is no hope because our Australian government’s medical science research arm, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), has already comprehensively ruled last year that there is NO evidence supporting the efficacy of 17 natural therapies.


What are these 17 ‘natural therapies’?

Consider this list of popular remedies, of which 15 of these therapies I have personally and effectively used with wonderful benefits, i.e. ‘drug free’ and the ‘first’ Victorian across the line in the recent ‘Masters Track Cycling Victorian State Champs’ for 60-64 years in the 2km individual pursuit. I say thank you to all those natural and integrative practitioners that have kept me going through some pretty dark spaces to be near physically and mentally at my peak – I dedicate this song to help all of you now – heroes to me.

Hero (by Mariah Carey)

When one of these 17 professions, or a practitioner of these therapies, is singled out for pursuit, ‘witch hunt’ prohibition hearings will be held before a state-based Complaints Commissioner, appointed by mainstream medical lobby groups, licking their cherry-picking chops that our naive politicians just abolished many effective and natural therapies, without most politicians even realising the impact of their actions.


The knock-out blow for all things natural is contained in the 2015 NHMRC Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Natural Therapies for Private Health Insurance “to ensure private health insurance covers clinically proven treatments”.


I say that this was a corruptly motivated review and that it is an absolute ‘demolition derby’ of all of the above 17 natural professions by a biased NHMRC, which concluded at page 3:

“The purpose of the Review was to ensure that natural therapies are underpinned by a credible evidence base that demonstrates their clinical efficacy, cost-effectiveness and safety and quality. The Rebate will be paid for insurance products that cover natural therapy services as described in the previous Government’s media release:

The Private Health Insurance Rebate will be paid for insurance products that cover natural therapy services only where the Chief Medical Officer finds there is clear evidence they are clinically effective.

“Such clear evidence has not been found.”

Then on page 4 it states:

Overall, there was not reliable, high-quality evidence available to allow assessment of the clinical effectiveness of any of the natural therapies for any health conditions.”

To understand how biased and corrupt these conclusions are, you will need to consider how the NHMRC dealt with the other contentiousness health debate of the day concerning compulsory vaccination, the ‘no jab, no pay’ game. This is the Australian Immunisation Handbook, which in my contention is staggeringly incompetent in its pseudo-science approach to the efficacy of vaccines and is clear evidence of a raging criminal conspiracy and corruption. A separate post coming soon.


   “I say it is time for political action to be taken to dismantle the NHMRC’s charade of being Australia’s peak custodian of health science knowledge and ethics and to also address the flagrant conflicts of interest endemic to our health policy determinations by all Australian health regulatory arms.”

Stand by Me

If you think I am over stating the scenario, consider these facts. I assisted an unfairly attacked health practitioner, through the 66 day longest Victorian health case in 2013, before a blatantly biased VCAT hearing headed by Senior Member Robert Davis.

The VCAT Tribunal overlooked the entire evidence of all six medical doctors, who were experts in the same field as the registered health practitioner, when addressing the seven allegations relating to his professional conduct. This evidence related to treatment of a single patient who had only complained in the first instance because he did not want to pay the bill owing to the practitioner.

This biased, and I say probably corrupt, Tribunal deregistered the practitioner by cherry-picking evidence from various non-expert witnesses, including the actual practitioner who was the first attack subject leading to the formation of a body called the ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’, the ultimate source of biased, cherry-picking science.

Please note this amazing fact from this case, which is the reason why natural health practitioners who are singled out have no hope of defending a claim under the new Victorian Health Complaints Act ( or various other State acts): the deregistered practitioner had 906 peer reviewed journal articles on his website to substantiate his treatments.

“Not good enough science” AHPRA said. At least AHPRA, (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), was embarrassed enough by VCAT’s bias, to later withdraw this case from its website list of relevant cases that are listed to guide other registered practitioners.

Fortunately, the practitioner successfully defended a prohibition order sought by AHPRA so the brilliant health practitioner still practises, plus significantly, he was found to be of good character, a priceless asset worth fighting to the extremely bitter and disillusioning end.

I say that the NHMRC is a complacent unaccountable gravy train of corruption. We say the same about the Friends of Science in Medicine. Both of these bodies attack any one who dares to question what they say. Both of these bodies are implacably opposed to natural health remedies. I say NHMRC and the Friends of “cherry-picking” Science are the wrecking balls of human health.

Wrecking Balls by Miley Cyrus

The PUNCHLINE of this sad state of affairs therefore is this:

a practitioner brought before state-based complaints bodies will be UNABLE TO SUBSTANTIATE THEIR CLAIMS TO EFFICACY because the  NHMRC’S 2015 EVIDENCE WILL BE PREFERRED  

On top of this, in Victoria, no peer review applies, unlike the mainstream medical community regime of governance which has a minimum of eight peer group practitioners involved before prohibition can take place under AHPRA legislation. Thus, the Health Complaints Commissioner’s sole opinion will apply.

That is further reason why there is no hope of winning and why I say that the new law sadly heralds an effective abolition of the legal right to practice 17 natural therapy professions.

Graeme Little LL.B/B.Ec (Monash 1978), Health Politics School of Hard Knocks (1979-2016)

P.O.D School of Hard Knocks

“School Of Hard Knocks”

We from the school, the school of hardknocks
Who’s ready to rock? (ready to rock)
Are you ready to rock? (ready to rock)
Round’n up suckaz, knock’em, knock’em out the box

Graduate at 13, the streets made me a scholar
Flood the microphone, one by one, hear’em holler
The sure shoots, rock box, rhym’n on blasted beats
Mics on my side, they call me Hip Hop Along Cassidy
Rap’n catasrophe, but only time will tell
Could we excel and rock bells like LL
Made me feel I was ill, music euphoria
Went to the doctor, D.O.C gave me the formula
Hey young world, the world is yours
Turned my whole wide world into metaphors
You kept me straight, when times got hard
So let me reminisce over you my God


I came through the door, I said it before
We pioneers, redefining hardcore
You want more MC’s and DJ’s
Dues we pays 8 out of 7 days
In many ways, I’ve seen a lot go around
Pound for pound from S.D to Boogie Down
We’ve been around, bout as round as they come
From all yes y’alls, to dum ditty dum dum
See this is philosophy, on the industry
That there ain’t no other brothaz bout as bad as we
You see my squad stays on point
Rock this funky joint.
Can you dig it?


 Looking forward to speaking to any natural practitioners, and/or their professional associations in any Australian State, as to how we can gang tackle this military assault on their right to practice, and the right of their patients to choose which medical model to harness their health – Natural or Chemical.
Thanks to naturopaths Ann Vlass and Ben Greening,  my first official event is next Tuesday 7 June in Melbourne    see PDF flyer
Bookings can be made via the Flyer Link or through Eventbrite


Graeme Little

Health Politics Advocate/Lawyer

Postal address: Tankerton Post Office, French Island, Victoria, Australia, 3921

+61(0) 402 90 47 49


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