Who are the Friends of Science in Medicine?


Friends of Science in Medicine Executive get together. ( L-R) Dr Ken Harvey, Loretta Marron OAM, Prof Alistair MacLennan AO, Dr Sue Ieraci, Prof Marcello Costa, Jo Benhamu RN, Prof Rob Morrison OAM, Prof John Dwyer AO  ( Photo courtesy of Facebook)

By Bob Dwyer 

To understand the threat posed by “Friends of Science in Medicine”, you need to understand where they’ve come from, who they are and what drives them.Read More

21 Reasons Why The Draconian No Jab, No Pay Policy Has Been Successful


The last few days there has been lots of “bragging” in the media about the success of the No Jab, No Pay Policy… supposedly an extra 5700 children under 5 are now up to date with their vaccines…

The NJNP policy HAS been SUCCESSFUL in –

1/ Pissing people like me off

2/ Creating segregation in our society

3/ Dividing family and friends

4/ Instilling fear and isolation

5/ Acceptance of Bullying and name calling

6/ Creating lack of Trust in our Government

7/ Causing depression, anxiety and stress

8/ Promoting coercion, intimidation and belittling within the medical system

9/ Financially punishing those that can least afford it as those with money are unaffected

10/ Picking on families with small children and babies

11/ A realisation that bribery and blackmail is accepted in our society

12/ Amplifying the NEED for a new Government and NEW Governing system in Australia.… Read More

Big Pharma Gives Docs Big Bucks To Peddle Their Drugs–You Won’t Believe How Rotten This System Really Is


Sickening: Big Pharma’s Big Bribery Scheme Employing Compliant Docs To Peddle Their Poison Will Make You Ill

If you’re on a budget like most people these days, and have been prescribed medication by a doctor, you were probably grateful if he or she was able to give a you few starter pills out of the stocks of samples kept in the office drug closet.… Read More

The Radical GayFL Strikes Again


Aug 1, 2016

Admittedly a more catchy title would have been something like ‘The GayFL and GayGE Doing Their Thing’. The Melbourne Age is the state’s most left-wing and pro-homosexual newspaper, but surprisingly I could not seem to find covered there a very recent story on the AFL and homosexuality.Read More