by Matt Agorist

Edgartown, MA — In a gross display of wasted taxpayer dollars, dozens of Massachusetts National Guard personnel, operating under a grant from the DEA, alongside Massachusetts State Police, descended into the backyard of an 81-year-old cancer patient in a raid last week — to protect society from the dangers of his four marijuana plants.… Read More

Interesting Observations About “Vaccine” Mycoplasmas

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One of the supposed many ‘unknowns’ lurking within almost every vaccine is mycoplasmas.  The questions I have, as one who researches vaccine science literature, about mycoplasmas that keep rattling around in my brain, are:

  1. Are mycoplasmas indigenous to vaccines due to ‘raw’ ingredients used in manufacturing most vaccines, e.g., mouse brains, monkey kidneys, bovine tissue, and even aborted human fetal cell lines?
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Buzzfeed Normalize Human Microchips In Disturbing Propaganda Video

Buzzfeed News has joined the mainstream media campaign to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, producing a New World Order propaganda piece in which a senior staff member has a microchip implanted in his hand and then claims that everybody will have a microchip in ten years because they are “more convenient than carrying a wallet.”
 The video, which presents the idea of having a microchip surgically implanted under your skin as harmless, fun, and inevitable, has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.
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James Randi, CIA, Mind Control, FMSF, Selective Human Breeding and the Pariahs Behind the Ritual Abuse of Children

James Randi

James Randi, CIA, Mind Control, FMSF, Selective Human Breeding, Rockey & Pellwinkle and the Pariahs Behind the Ritual Abuse of Children

The following letter is from my old research partner Richard “Cloudrider” Farley, a humble country reporter who investigated CIA mind control activity for years and hounded the perps constantly with brilliant, rambling, labyrinthine, sarcastic e-mails to let them know that he was on to them.

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