Avi Yemini Files HUGE Lawsuit Against The State of Victoria


Yemini has launched a website Stand With Avi to rally support and help fundraise his case.

Avi Yemini of Rebel News has today filed a lawsuit against The State Of Victoria after he was twice arrested in two separate instances.

Yemini has alleged that Victorian Police falsely arrested him on two occasions, the first being during the Australian day protest where he was handcuffed and arrested while reporting after being surrounded and heckled by a mob of protesters.

Police initially claimed that Yemini was being arrested for his own safety, however, this was later changed to a ‘Breach Of The Peace,’ before the charge was again changed to ‘Hindering Police.’

In the second instance, Yemini was tackled to the ground by Victorian Police and arrested while reporting at the September 5th anti-lockdown protest.

Although the police claimed Yemini was not present for any “purposeful reason” he had full media credentials in his possession at the time. Later that evening officers visited Yemini’s private residential address where he was questioned further.

Yemini filed the lawsuit at The Supreme Court of Victoria on September 16. The State of Victoria who operates the Victorian Police Force is now required to legally respond to the ‘Statement of Claim’ from the plaintiff.

The Statement of Claim outlines Yemini’s ‘unlawful arrest,’ ‘false imprisonment’ and ‘battery’ which is alleged to have occurred on January 26 and September 5.

It further stipulates the physical injuries that were sustained by Yemini as a result of the handcuffing process during his arrests and goes into greater detail of the other various types of injuries, loss and damages he suffered as a result.

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