September 24, 2023

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7 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Plan to Rule the World

  1. As the Prophet Isaiah said Chapter 50.

    1. For your inequities ye have sold thine self
    And for your transgressions is your mother put away

  2. Israeli technology
    Israeli technology
    Israeli technology
    All made in China & India.
    Like the electric blanket I bought … 12 months guarantee … exactly & then it went to the tip.
    Like global prosthetic, that today are substandard.
    Like generic prescription medications that contain God only knows what & do God only knows what.

  3. Cyber Security –
    The punks in the street want to steal your car.
    Hackers do not need to steal money from your pissy little bank account.
    They steal millions from the bank.
    Captain Dreadful should be telling J P Morgan & Goldman Sachs
    Read Wall St news & see.

  4. When did he start doing ads ??
    Since his enemies want to prosecute him for fraud & other miscellaneous.
    Here we see a man fighting for his life folks.

  5. I am watching … Israel Beyond Apartheid – Susan Abulhawa, Keynote on YouTube.
    Susan tells us & therefore we can count the multitude of PORKIES Captain Dreadful Netanyahu has concocted about the exceptional Israeli performance as an existence.

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