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BETRAYED: Perrottet defies promise and keeps vaccine passports for NSW

How do you know when a politician is lying? His lips are moving.


Dominic Perrottet spoke out strongly against vaccine passports and establishing medical apartheid when he was Treasurer of the NSW Liberal Party.

“I want to see more unity and not a two-tiered society. It’s not the government’s role to provide freedom,” Perrottet told Joe Hildebrand, during a 2GB interview on September 24.

As a lone voice of reason, it was hoped by some that he would carry through with his promise once he assumed the most powerful position in state politics.

After a few days as New South Wales State Premier, Perrottet has backtracked.

Under his watch, New South Wales will enforce segregation and discrimination against the unvaccinated as originally planned. Perrottet, as the Premier, will decide who has freedom and who doesn’t despite explicitly stating that it was not the government’s role to do so.

His position on the matter was confirmed this morning by a press release on his Twitter account. After meetings with the health team, Perrottet has announced only minor changes to the controversial roadmap to ‘freedom’ which will still see unvaccinated residents lose their freedoms from October 11.

Described as ‘a few adjustments’, Perrottet’s roadmap includes the bolded section reading, ‘All roadmap freedoms at 70 and 80 per cent will continue to be for fully vaccinated people only’.

The mood was positive earlier in the week that the youngest Premier in history and member of the conservative faction of the party, would break from the rhetoric of ex-Premier Gladys Berejiklian and ex-Deputy Leader John Barilaro.

“Vaccines are the key to life returning to normal and the changes today will help family and friends reconnect, get kids back to school and get businesses back up and running sooner,” read the statement. “NSW is putting in the hard yards and it’s important people continue to turn out in droves to be vaccinated.”

So far, the dramatic change of leadership experienced by New South Wales has had only a minor effect on Covid health mandates.


3 thoughts on “BETRAYED: Perrottet defies promise and keeps vaccine passports for NSW

  1. The old saying that how do you know when a politician is lying.
    Answer….When ever his/hers lips move.
    In the tumult of this CoVid fallacy and the lies and distortions offered by our Medical Gurus who do you believe.
    Certainly not a politician and certainly not a bureaucrat so where does the truth lay.
    In ourselves and unless we address that then truth will not avail to help us.
    This fomented political prick is not about saviour but about Government survival.
    The stench is overpowering

  2. Humans tend to believe through early brainwashing that a Saviour will come back and save them all from themselves as sinners.
    There are no saviours in Politics except Dictators who are only about their survival.
    So, where’s the saviour?…. US!
    Perrottet is a Christian as is Morrison and reading the Christian history one would never enter a confessional box as like the Jews who can compromise their moral sins and start afresh to commit many more until the next self absolution.
    Perrottet is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I wonder if involved with the Fabian Society. This guy has the same stench as Morrison, another disciple of Howard?
    No crosses in the sky!

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