December 7, 2023

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Blowing The Whistle On Fake Honey

After the #ABC 7.30 Report and Fairfax Media exposé practically the whole of Australia know now about Capilano ltd scandal but they are still intent on silencing me and financially destroying me.…/capilano-and-supermark…/10187628…

Friday 14 July I was dragged back into Supreme Court of Victoria by big corporation Capilano Honey Ltd.

But this time I had a lawyer thanks to your funding!

Capilano have me under legal attack to stop me speaking up for the bees, beekeepers and honey-eaters in Australia.

That can all be sorted out at Trial. Hopefully before a JURY of common sense people like you.

But back in May 2017 the Capilano top Sydney lawyers outmanoeuvred me with “Interlocutory Orders” (legal speak) that have been pressing down on me ever since. These mean I could be in Contempt of the court right now if I say some things before the Trial even happens.

The Orders are a long list of what I am not supposed to say. It’s actually set out in a public document judgment of a NSW judge on 30 May 2018, which you can read HERE:

The list is in a public document already! And I am facing possible Contempt of court if I set a foot wrong.

Some of you may know that journalist Shane Dowling went to prison last year for 4 months for Contempt of court. And last month he was shockingly sent to prison again for 18 months.

The same Sydney lawyers who made that happen are the same Sydney lawyers who Capilano have hired!

I need to be there for Oscar not in prison. We tragically have lost Oscar’s Mum. It is hard to know what Capilano are even saying I’m doing that is Contempt. The Capilano complaints have even been slung at me for my posts asking for help on GoFundMe. Complaints for what?

But on Friday I got a Break:
My legal eagle persuaded Judge Dixon to allow me to make an Application to “vary orders” to get this Contempt pressure off me.

So I can breathe better and tell you what is happening and keep speaking up for the bees and the community.

Thursday 20 September the Application can be filed. 27 September Judge Dixon will then hear it for half a day. With all my supporters very welcome in court!

Capilano top Sydney lawyers estimated their clients have spent about $2 million already on this case! Sickening, I know. Think of all the honey bee product testing they could do instead. Like funding the Sunshine Coast Uni for NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resolution) testing.

With community support I have raised (and now spent) over $30,000 to defend against the Capilano legal attack on me. As my lawyer wrote to the Court “there is a disparity of arms”. That’s for sure.

It’s a big job to get the Application ready in time. This costs money for lawyers. I want to seize this chance. With your funding help!

Please send kind donations to:
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633000
Acc 153832084


Sign the petition

You can support your local beekeeper by buying local honey via the honeymap.

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