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Bob Carr Says Aussies Who Say No To The Clot Shots Should Be Stripped Of Medicare

Bob Carr’s Name Can Be Seen On The Suppressed Pedo List Above

Former Australian premier Bob Carr has openly called for Australians who refuse the clot shots to be stripped of Medicare.

Bob has been mouthing off on his Twitter account and trying to push the Singapore model onto those of us who simply do not want to be poisoned or killed off by dangerous and experimental injections.

Why is Bob Carr pushing vaccination policies onto the Australian public and it seems to me that he should be worried about more important things like being named on a Pedo list.

Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament that he has a police list of 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being paedophiles.

Below is the video of Senator Bill Heffernan on Tuesday making the allegations in parliament:


Fiona Barnett claimed there are thousands of victims of the alleged ring, and says that she witnessed child abduction, rape, torture and murder.

Former US President Richard Nixon;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;

– Former Australian Opposition Leader Kim Beazley;

– Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;

– US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;

Ted Turner (CNN).

We can clearly see that Bob Carr the former Premier of NSW is on Fiona Barnett’s list of Pedophiles and here he is on his Twitter page pushing the dangerous clot shots for his Big Pharma pals.

“Hey, Bob” You should be worried about your name appearing on a suppressed pedophile list and that at some point this will all float to the surface like a stinking shit.


1 thought on “Bob Carr Says Aussies Who Say No To The Clot Shots Should Be Stripped Of Medicare

  1. To be on that list requires the sick psychopathic mind of a pedophile.
    As Bob’s ego has evolved greater than his brain he now has risen from the dead to impose his backward mind, yet again, onto the Australian people.
    OMG! …. we have some problems to solve in our political circus.

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