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BREAKING NEWS! International WHO/CDC Conspiracy Protecting Killer Vaccines Documented


International WHO/CDC Conspiracy

Protecting Killer Vaccines Documented


Dr. Lee’s Letter of Complaint / Dr. Rima’s Medical Note

Counsel Ralph’s Legal Note / Summary of Findings
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Stop Vaccine Mandates

ATTENTION: “Based on the data presented by Dr. Lee, a formal global moratorium must be instituted on any further HPV vaccinations. To inject that vaccine once these facts have been brought forward is, in my professional opinion, nothing short of malpractice.  Every concerned parent and adult should be able to present an Advance Vaccine Directive declaring that they refuse all vaccines which must be honored under both national and international law. There is no excuse for injecting known toxins like the HPV vaccines.” Rima E. Laibow, MD


In the formal complaint entered by Dr. S. Lee against the named organizations and persons, Dr. Lee states, in part:

.“It is my opinion that Dr Pless [GACVS], those whose names appeared in the emails attached to this complaint, and all who blindly dismiss the potential toxicity of the newly created HPV L1 gene DNA/AAHS compound in order to continue to promote HPV vaccinations should be held accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for intentionally ignoring the scientific evidence. There is no excuse for misleading global vaccination policy makers at the expense of public interest.

.It is my contention these people have not only violated the Terms of Reference of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS); they have violated the public trust. Immediate, independent and thorough investigations into their actions with appropriate disciplinary action is the only option available that might restore the public’s confidence in worldwide health authorities.” Dr. S. Lee


.Urgent Information from Dr. Rima


.WHO would knowingly inject foreign protein causing cardiac suppression (including death), auto immune disease and neurological destruction into someone? WHO (World Health Organization), the US and Japanese Governments, the Global Alliance for Vaccination and a host of other agencies, including FDA and CDC, that’s who.

.As the Freedom of Information documents included in the formal complaint filed and announced by New Zealand pathologist and immunologist, Dr. S. Lee, today, Friday, January 15, 2016 clearly demonstrates, these and other agencies intentionally colluded and conspired to suppress and obscure the evidence of contamination and harm associated with the HPV vaccines.

.The science is clear: viral DNA contamination of HPV vaccine causes a “cytocine storm” capable of causing serious harm, including death. And, as the record shows, the HPV vaccine is the single most dangerous widely-used vaccine in the world.

.No legitimate physician can support any longer the use of this deadly, toxic brew. Injecting it, in my informed medical opinion, is clearly malpractice now that Dr. Lee’s information, obtained in large part from Freedom of Information Act documents, has been made public.

.It is time to stop colluding with the dishonest agencies and criminal conspirators, allowing them to harm us and our children while they serve another agenda altogether.

.It is imperative to secure your legally protected Advance Vaccine Mandate here to be able to enforce your desire to refuse all vaccines here: Be sure to read and follow the precise directions on how to assert your Right to Informed Consent properly at that location as well.


– SANE vax Press Release on Dr. Lee’s actions here: Release

– Dr. Lee’s Allegations of Misconduct here: Release

– Dr. Lee’s Letter to the FDA documenting viral DNA contamination of Gardasil vaccines here:

– Dr. Lee’s Biography here: Link

– Dr. Lee’s Curriculum Vitae here: Link

Help End vaccine mandates here:

.Share this link as widely as possible on Social Media and by email.

.Finally, please visit and Like our Facebook page, NaturalSolutionsFoundation and share that widely, too.

.Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

Legal Note from Counsel Ralph

.The legally protected and established Right of Informed Consent requires accurate information from those who seek our permission for ANY medical interventions. It has long been the law in all civilized countries that a doctor who engages in medical interventions (such as vaccination) without informed consent commits assault and battery as well as malpractice.

.When public health officials in international and national agencies, like the WHO and CDC, actively and secretly conspire to hide vital health information from the public, they, both as organizations and personally as the critical decision-makers, are aiding and abetting nothing short of a Crime Against Humanity. We remind the agency officials that the Nazi Doctors were hanged for the same Crime Against Humanity of violating the right to informed consent.

.We further remind them that by carrying out those executions, the US automatically adopted the same legal structure within its own borders under the binding law of the Geneva Conventions, to which it, like most of the rest of the world, is a signatory nation.

.In the case of the HPV vaccine, Dr. S Lee has now exposed a chain of emails (through a New Zealand Freedom of Information Act request) among colluding “experts” and officials proving irrefutably  —

.1. Gardasil HPV vaccine is contaminated with HPV DNA, which is not supposed to be there, and this contamination is likey the cause of the extraordinary number of Adverse Events, including sudden death, this vaccine is causing young men and women.

.Dr. Lee had previously demonstrated the presence of these contaminant DNA elements in the tissues and fluids of a young woman who collapsed and died following Gardasil administration, and so notified the FDA.

.FDA acknowledged the presence of the particles, but refused to examine their impact or the subsequent questions on the safety of the vaccine.

.2. International agencies and “scientists” knowingly and actively colluded to withhold material information on the ineffectiveness of the HPV vaccine, and the damages, from government inquiries into its safety. They manipulated the data to disguise and confuse the regulatory commission and they presented intentionally fraudulent information to that commission.

.This collusion is international and takes place at the highest levels of so-called public health, regulatory and policy agencies.

.It is urgent that we PUSH BACK against this latest vax madness. Join Natural Solutions Foundation as we call for an immediate moratorium for all HPV vaccine mandates.

.We believe that all vaccine approvals result from similarly dishonest and dangerous bought-and-paid-for “scientific” and public policy manipulation, including serious conflicts of interest among members of approving committees.

.We demand an end to all forced vaccinations and an immediate, transparent investigation of the agencies and conflict-of-interest “experts” who are killing our children and us with their reckless disregard for both science and law.


For those who do not wish to vaccinate with HVP and/or other vaccines, we recommend two steps:

.1. Secure your Advance Vaccine Directive and follow the detailed instructions on its proper use here:

.2. Demand a moratorium on HPV vaccines here:

.3. Forward this information as widely as possible. Here is the link for sharing:

.4. Help Natural Solutions Foundation continue its ground breaking work by amassing the resources necessary to end the global vaccine mandates here: stop mandated vaccines.

.Yours in health and freedom,

Counsel Ralph

Ralph Fucetola, JD

Counsel and Trustee

Natural Solutions Foundation

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  1. Surely it would seem intelligent thought to any person interested in survival that there is a problem with vaccinations as a cursury look at the successful claims made againsts the US government for damage caused to children is growing exponentially…… Gus

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