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Britain’s new Labor PM Starmer will shape up as potential woke globalist/leftist tyrant


GLOBAL media is drooling over their fulfilled prediction of a UK Labor Party election landslide with a left-wing globalist drone, Keir Starmer, set to move into No. 10 Downing Street in place of “conservative” PM Rishi Sunak.

Starmer, a lawyer and Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, was the former UK Director of Public Prosecutions from 2008-13 and oversaw the incarceration of Julian Assange and approved of the plan to extradite him to the US. According to some critics Starmer took directions from MI5 and MI6 and also protected the CIA rendition program.

Starmer also covered up police shootings and notoriously jailed a female student for six months after she stole a bottle of water from a store during rioting. Starmer, despite his bland, “respectable” public image, didn’t get his KCC for being a nice guy.

Keir Starmer urging Tories to legislate against anti vaxxers.

When Britons voted to leave the European Union, Starmer was among the leading voices calling for another referendum. The former Young Socialist knows the big global game being played. As Labor Party Leader he also played fiddle for the Zionist lobby, vowing to rid the party of “antisemitism” and allegedly bringing the party to “the centre” – code for globalist WEF policy.

Starmer is likely to work to get Britain back in the European Union and double down on the sickening WEF-UN agenda pushed by Sunak and his limp-wristed Conservatives. Starmer is one of those politicians who cannot bring himself to define what a woman is.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Kahn will also be encouraged to drive the city further into the Smart City digital prison. He and Starmer are also likely to push police even further into the notorious political enforcement role they have taken on, knocking on the doors of people who post “racist” or “homophobic” comments on Facebook. Censorship will be on Starmer’s agenda.

Britons, for some strange reason, failed to discern the populist political trend sweeping Europe, and voted for a party dedicated to the woke agenda that Europeans are rejecting in large numbers.

In many seats Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party effectively split the major non-Labor vote, allowing Labor to exploit the first-past-the-post system and win seats with fewer votes than the combined Conservative and Reform UK votes. But Farage won only four seats including his own and will be virtually non-existent in the House of Commons.

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Labour at last count had 411 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, the Conservatives a woeful 120, losing a massive 215 seats, while the Liberal Democrats gained 60 seats for a total of 71. The Scottish National Party lost 36 seats to win nine and Farage’s Reform UK was in equal fifth with the Greens on four seats each.

Farage was accused by pro-Palestinian journalist Sulaiman Ahmed as being under Zionist control, along with Starmer and Labor. Ahmed, during the election count, noted a number of seats won by Labor where the Reform UK took nearly half of the previous Conservative vote.

Ahmed, of course, is a mouthpiece for Islamic Britons including a large number of pro-Palestine Labor Party members whose MPs reportedly won some five seats in the new Parliament, but will obviously be sidelined by Starmer given his large numbers. Essentially, Starmer has no effective opposition, which makes him a greater danger.

Farage campaigned for immigration control, but large-scale immigration will continue under Starmer, who, like Biden’s Democrats and George Soros, use immigration as a tool to smash social cohesion in addition to providing cheap labor for their corporate sponsors.

Farage’s campaign against the major parties has failed miserably, despite his strong vote of around 30%. “The Conservatives have failed and Labour will fail too,” his website states. “A vote for either is a vote for more incompetence, dishonesty and failure. We are ruled by an out of touch political class who have turned their backs on our country.”

Unfortunately for Farage and his supporters, the “out of touch political class” is back with a vengeance.


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