October 2, 2023

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Bruce Jenner & The New Normal



The transgender movement is making women out of men (adding sexual characteristics/organs) while the cancer business is taking sex organs out of women.  Both result in one thing: non-reproductive humans.  Jenner claims he “has had these issues since he was ten” — presumably wanting to be a girl.  He’s been given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for his transition, which included ten hours of facial-feminization surgery.  All this retrofitting and body-morphing for, in the case of Jenner, a cosmetic result that finally supports a lifelong quest, and in the case of Jolie (who now has artificial breasts) to maximize health.  “I didn’t expect there to be so much support, and I was very moved by it,” Jolie says.  “It’s been a really beautiful journey.”

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