Can You Catch the Flu? Spanish Flu and the Infectious Myth Brendan D Murphy “Intro With Adam”


You’ll Learn:

  • How important experiments from 1918 utterly failed to prove the infectiousness of “flu”
  • The various different factors that create flu symptoms
  • Why the idea of a “virus” does not need to be invoked to understand “influenza”
  • Tactics of deception and obfuscation used for covid-19 were also used to inflate Spanish Flu numbers
  • The role of mass vaccination in the Spanish Flu “outbreak”
  • Why the infectious model increasingly fails to explain disease
  • The role of toxic exposure in flu and other diseases like polio previously thought “infectious”

…and much, much more.

Your view of influenza and the common cold will never be the same again.

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Beyond knowledge and intellect there is embodiment.

I will bring you the sustenance of hardcore truthseekers, spiritual folk, and politically informed activists…

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As I see it there are 3 Core Freedoms:

  1. Spiritual Freedom
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  3. Lifestyle and Impact Freedom

If you seek help with any of these things then you’re in the right place.

I believe it is only when we have ticked all three boxes that we can say we’ve really got our shit together and have come anywhere near to accessing the maximum of our unique potential.

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