American Democracy Now A Pathetic Joke: Video Shows Psychotic Hillary Clinton & The Lawless Oligarchy That’s Destroyed America!


I am like everyone else… When that fraud FBI official James Comey, “cleared” psychotic demonic  “Killary” Hillary Clinton of her “email scandals” that were most definitely treasonous acts against the American republic, I was shocked… But nothing has surprised me anymore, for the American democratic system is and has been broken now for years….… Read More

History: US State Sponsored Terrorism Can Kill Anyone – The United Nations Just Looks the Other Way

united-nations-1184119_960_720-400x266Articles 1 of the UN Charter of 1945 gives the purpose & principles of the UN – maintain international peace & security, take effective collective measures to prevent & remove threats to peacesuppress acts of aggression or other breaches of peace, bring about by peaceful means in conformity with principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which may lead to breach of peace.Read More