New Manhattan Chemtrail Project Biological Impacts


By Peter A. Kirby

“Living things are adapted to the weather that actually prevails, and any change in that weather will be generally deleterious to them.” – from “Weather and Climate Modification” by the National Science Foundation, 1965

When airplanes routinely dump megatons of toxic garbage into our atmosphere as they have been doing for twenty years now, the most obvious question is: What are the biological impacts?… Read More

Company Claims That Brain Transplants Could Bring Back The Dead By 2045


By Nicholas West

There are a lot of outrageous claims being made within the halls of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Whether exaggerations, wishful thinking, the dreams of the egocentric and megalomaniacal to be immortal, or just drumming up funding for a never-ending round of “scientific investigation,” the year 2045 seems to always be cited as a target date.Read More

Nanoworld ‘snow blowers’ carve straight channels in semiconductor surfaces


Nanoworld ‘snow blowers’ carve straight channels in semiconductor surfaces

Researchers report important addition to toolkit of ‘self-assembly’ methods eyed for making useful devices


December 28, 2015


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


Easy to control, new gold-nanoparticle-catalyzed process for creating patterns of channels with nanoscale dimensions could help to spawn entirely new technologies fashioned from ensembles of ultra-small structures.Read More