Medical Scam, Vegan Propaganda, 7th Day Adventists & Ranch Facts – Veganism #1 Killer Of Animals.

Medical Scam, Veganism Propaganda & 7th Day Adventists, Human Organ Truth, Cattle Ranch Facts, Veganism #1 Killer Of Animals, Meat Heals

Corey & I cover a myriad of health related topics and have some spirited debate on the many levels of propaganda that is peddled as truth.  Below is a complete outline of all we cover so feel free to skip ahead to any part of the podcast.  As always, your feedback is welcome – please keep it polite and in the spirit of advancing truth and knowledge versus peddling ego via demonizing comments.

8 – Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment

14.2 – The Medical Agenda Built On Lies

25 – Geoengineering / Chemtrails / The Magic Pill Mentality

30 – Dog Health v Child Health, Diet, Old People, Child Birth

37.5 – Dog Fleas, Food & Health Paradigm, Dog Habits

44 – Dentists, Fillings, Weston Price, Teeth, Facial Development, Pregnancy

50.3 – Dental Issues, Diet, Healing Cavities, Rebuilding Cells, Inflammation

54 – Doctors Test Scam, Markers, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Repair

55.3 – No Carbs Heals Your Body In 30 Days, Diet & Health

57.2 – Why You Stay Hungry Eating Carbs, Glycemic Index, Blood, Insulin, Sugar

59.2 – Your Body Is Talking To You Trying To Get Nutrients, Fasting

102 – Dr Davis – Wheatlessness Video – Gliadin – Mental Problems, Gluten Free Scam

104 – Psychiatric Scam – No Such Thing As Chemical Imbalance, Ruins Life

106 – The Marketing Of Madness Video – About The Psychiatric Scam

111 – Veganism & How They Hate Animals, No Vegan Cultures, Weston Price

112 – 7th Day Adventists, Kellogg Brothers, Depopulation, Cattle Truth
115 – Most Vegans Last Only 90 Days – Dr Shawn Baker –
115.3 – The Vegetarian Myth – Lierre Kieth – 20 Yr Ex Vegan Tells Her Story

117 – Humans Mimic Hyenas With Very Acidic Stomach

118 – Veganism Permanently Damages Childrens Immune System

122 – Truth About How Cattle Are Raised & Truth About Quality Of The Meat

125 – Cattle and GMO Grain Myth, Cattle Finishing Lot Truth, Cattle Do NOT Digest Carbs

126 – Dr Zsofia Clemens Curing Any Disease By Red Meat Only Diets

127 – Veganism – 7th Day Adventists – ‘Grass Fed’ Cattle Is A Lie How It Is Used

128.5  – Kosher Slaughter Truth – Vegan Propaganda Regarding Animals

130 – Cows Live 2000 Times Longer On Ranches Then In The Wild

132 – Young People & Veganism – Agriculture Biggest Killer Of Animals & Species

134 – Long Life Span Hong Kong (87yrs)  Shortest India (62yrs) – Meat Versus Vegan

138 – Moon Landing & Vegan Propaganda

140.3 – No Carbs – Not Sick In 8 Years, Why Very Old People Thrive

142 – People Are NOT Individual, All Humans Work The Same

144 – All Humans Have The Same Organ Set – ALL Work Exactly The Same

150 – If You Want To Know Truth…You Can’t Get Emotional & How The Body Works

151 – Can’t Live Off Plants If You ONLY Had Access To Nature

151.2 – Cattle & Humans Live Off The Same Diet 70% Sat Fat / 30% Protein

152 – Why Plants Cause Gas, Loose Stool, IBS, Increased Fecal Matter

153 – Grass Finished Or Grain/Grass Finished Produces 100% The Same Meat

155 – Animals Being Killed By Record Numbers Harvesting Plants

156.5 – Living With Cattle Versus Living Among The Grains – What Will Kill You

159 – Any Animal Meat Will Allow To Thrive – Eat What You Can Afford

201 – How Many People Die At The Hands Of A Doctor V. Cows Dying On Ranches

202 – Why Finishing Lots Keep Meat Prices Lower Then The Cost Of Carbs

203 – Quit Focusing On The Negative – Educate Yourself On Health Truth

204 – More Meat Produced Today In America Then 50 Years Ago With 30% Less Cattle

205.5 – Water Usage Cattle Myth Promoted By Vegans

208 – Your Body Can’t Digest Plants – Nothing In The Produce Section Comes From Nature

209 – You Can’t Overdose On Animal Products But You Can Overdose On Any Plant

209.5 – You Can Eat 100% Of A Animal – Can’t Come Close To Eating 100% Of Any Plant

210 – Soy First Cultivated For Industrial Purposes – Crisco Created The AHA – Axel Grease

211 – Plants & Fermentation – Not As Toxic But Still Not A Net Positive To Humans

212 – The Body Is A Great Machine – Just Needs ONE Perfect Fuel

213 – Dr Davis – Only Two Beers To Drink Is Michelob Ultra & Bud Light – Made Of Rice

214 – Health Coaching – Keep Drinking Beer, Keep Smoking & See SUCCESS

215 – Eliminating One Thing At A Time – Steps Toward All Meat Diet

216 – Raw Bee Pollen – High Carb – Not Digestible – How Much Protein Is Needed

217 – Spiking Blood Sugar – Never Good – Fat Storage Hormone – Never Worry About Disease

218 – Being Unhealthy Takes Commitment, A Lot Of Money, A Lot Of Time

218 – How To Give Your Kids A Chance – Which Is Critical

221 – Health Truth Show – Supported By 60 Hours Of Video – Dr. Zsofia Clemens

221.3 – Keto With Plants V. Keto Carnivore & How Only Keto Carnivore Cures All Disease

22.5 – Coffee Is Toxic – Heavily Sprayed

223 – Many “Health Gurus” Are Trying To Monetizing Their Half Truths Regarding Keto

223.5 – – Dr Shawn Baker – 100’s Of Stories On How Meat Heals Anything

One thought on “Medical Scam, Vegan Propaganda, 7th Day Adventists & Ranch Facts – Veganism #1 Killer Of Animals.

  1. Hi guys.
    I listened to this podcast and really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. But i do beg to differ with you on a few things regarding the cattle industry in Australia.
    I have worked on cattle stations most of my life, in the stock camps. The cattle are very well looked after. Cattle can live and flourish in very dry areas, and some of those areas are actually classed as desert.
    I also disagree with the live export trade. Its not propoganda made up by the vegans. I have personally seen cattle being loaded onto the boats. The conditions are hot and appalling. I dont think cattle should be treated like this and should not be sent overseas alive.
    I agree that we should be eating meat that are bred and raised by the smaller family businesses too to keep them going rather than those big corporations.
    I was surprised (and pleased) to learn that we should be eating meat and eggs and not fruit and veges.
    I have researched vaccines for over 4 years now and am very vocal about the dangers but i live in a small country town and everyone thinks I’m crazy. They wont listen.
    Love the work that you guys are doing. Keep it up.

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