December 8, 2023

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Climate Lockdowns Are Now Following on From COVID Lockdowns


Here is a truth you must never forget: the same power-hungry control freaks who wanted to lock down the whole world to keep us ‘safe’ from Covid are also wanting to lock down the whole world to keep us safe from ‘climate change.’

And they have told us this. A conspiracy theory is when we just make things up. A conspiracy truth is when the folks involved tell us openly and plainly what they want to do. The Great Reset mob have made it perfectly clear about what they have in mind with climate lockdowns, now that their Covid lockdowns were so easily and quickly implemented and accepted by the masses.

We all know how Klaus Schwab and the WEF militants have used Covid as part of their move to globalisation, tyranny, and the end of the free West. Now they are fully running with climate fear-mongering to get more of the same. A simple look at their website is all you need to see where they are going.

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