October 1, 2023

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1 thought on “Confirmed! 5G forced installation in schools nationwide during COVID-19 lockdown

  1. A world gone bonkers!
    Science will not accept that EMF waves effect human biology as they claim that scientific recognised studies have not been undertaken and established via peer scrutiny.
    This is all very well for our scientists to distant themselves from Corporate activity who, in many cases, sponsor their lifestyles so it seems that a possibility of vested interest could be involved.
    As a Layman I see statistics that state that cancer rates have increased to unprecedented levels with mortality rates similar.
    Why is this happening as cancer is only one of the many diseases that are increasing so there must be a reason and, surely, with all this brainpower at the disposal of governments at least some one must ask the obvious question without running for the cover of established scientific protocol.
    Many questions to be answered and many answers to be questioned.

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