December 7, 2023

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4 thoughts on “Crazz Files Podcast With Adam & Jim ( ZOMBIE MEDS)

  1. The prescription medications for clinical depression and other mental disorders are as damaging as the disorders themselves. Basically all they do is anesthetize the brain, making it extremely difficult for people taking antidepressants and the like to think and act with any degree of mental clarity. Many of these people end up taking themselves off their medication, preferring the debilitating effects of their disorder to that of the prescribed management tool. Natural supplements that correct the chemical imbalances in the brain that cause mental disorders are the way to go. Chemically dumbing down an already chemically impaired brain is not.

    1. Maaaaaaaaaaan, there’s no chemical inbalance, you’re responsible or not for yourself – this is what it is. If you’re, you will dismiss mental illness from reality, chemical inbalance theory has no fucking ground. Ok… Lets say there’s chemical inbalance when you want to walk because you feel better after walk, or chemical imbalance when you want to rule the world, because you feel better after rulling over the world.

      1. Or when you have to be depressed because you don’t feel good about anything.

        The truth is.
        If you suffer from mental illness you’re fucking loser.
        If you suffer from being loser you’re genius.

        You’re just a loser bitch if you think you’re “mentally ill” it’s all an offense. Doctors basiccaly say you’re loser and because of that you have live with it forever and take drugs that lick the ass of psychiatrists and the big pharma shit.

        1. Mental distress is real.
          Due to many different things.
          We don’t care what doctors or shrinks say – we don’t care what the medico -scientific ghouls say.
          We care that a fellow human being is struggling with an incapacity.
          That a fellow human being is suffering.
          that the life of a fellow human being is trapped in some kind of a distressing time warp of pain & suffering.

          BITCH is not a productive attitude to have here.
          LOSER is also not a productive mindset to be throwing about.
          It must be what you eat for breakfast that makes you so cantankerously verbal.
          Get a grip on reality fido.

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