Democrats Now Want to Move from COVID Lockdowns to Climate Lockdowns

Marc Morano of Climate Depot says that Democrats are trying to use the COVID lockdown model as the climate emergency model.
Senator Merkey of Oregonis urging Joe Biden, if he takes office, to declare a national climate state of emergency that would give him emergency powers that he could bypass legislatures the same way that Democrat governors have usurped power through COVID lockdowns. Morano says that, in 1988, the UN started its climate panel and created the myth of a global-warming problem caused by carbon dioxide, and they also, conveniently, are in charge of the solution.
The UN data is based on models, speculation and so-called “expert” judgement. Meanwhile, geologists say we are currently in the 10% coldest time period of the Earth and, for 90% of the Earth’s history, there was no ice on either pole. There have been countless natural warming periods over eons of time.




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