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Did you see last night’s fake news by Four Corners? We set the record straight.

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Did you see last night’s fake news by Four Corners?

We set the record straight.

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Paul Moder The ABC is an atrocious disgrace. They are liars and omitters of the facts. I will be taking them to task on their report.

1 thought on “Did you see last night’s fake news by Four Corners? We set the record straight.

  1. Michelle Fernando;
    I’m very sorry to hear about the tragedy that led to her father’s death.

    2. THAT IT WAS MICHELLE’S SISTERS THAT SHOT HER FATHER .. tell us that she had easy access to her father & if she was so determined to kill him, she would have found another way. It was not the gun that made her kill her father, a kitchen knife would have been as lethal, a hammer from the tool shed.

    I do not like guns.
    I would not even touch a gun.
    And in the wrong hands, guns are definitely lehal.
    I also do not like dramatised lies & propaganda from irresponsible media outlets.
    Good decisions can only be made about safety in the face of truth & reality.

    * Over 10 years ago, a young female asked her mother for several thousand dollars, her mother refused. The daughter was always asking her mother for money & her mother simply could not afford the demands – she did not have the money.
    One morning at around 3.00 am, as her mother slept, the daughter went to her mother’s house & set it alight to spite her.

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