“DISGUSTING” Australian Media Mongrels Target Aged Care Workers Using Lies & Propaganda


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As the push to get Australia jabbed with experimental technologies hits new heights of stupidity the Australian MSM have hit a new low by targeting aged care nurses because they are daring to stand up against mandatory COVID shots. See here and here

To make up lies about nurses in aged care facilities spreading a fake variant onto immunized elderly residents is untrue, pathetic and a “LOW ACT” 

Nurses are fighting against mandatory covid jabs and are from today on strike because of this so the media feel the need to go ahead and make up lies instead of supporting them.

The fact that the Australian MSM are using poor elderly folks who have been poisoned with COVID jabs as a weapon to attack nurses is beyond disgusting.

If elderly nursing home residents are being vaccinated then why are unvaccinated nursing staff a threat to them if the COVID vaccines work?

According to the TGA, COVID vaccines are now injuring and killing more Australians than the fake virus variants are with only one COVID death being recorded in Australia for this year.

Aged care workers are now uniting against COVID tyranny and mandated COVID shots and are going on strike from today across the country.

Could this distaste and contempt for the Morrison Governments mandatory COVID vaccine plans be the real reason behind the latest media attacks against our aged care workers?

It sure seems like it, but instead of sticking up for our aged care nurses, the Australian Lame Stream Media liars are conjuring up a witch hunt against them by using fear and propaganda as their weapon of choice, no surprises here…..

This cruel, vindictive and desperate behavior by the Australian MSM is a true reflection of how gutless, pathetic and cowardly they really are.

The Australian media are using elderly people in nursing homes who are being murdered by COVID jabs as a spear against aged care workers to drive their filthy propaganda.

It is now very obvious that the Australian Lame Stream Media are now targeting unvaccinated Australians to drive Big Pharma’s agenda which is insane considering most of us have not even had a first dose yet.

This desperate and pathetic behavior by MSM cowards will hopefully be their undoing, but it is now up to the Australian people to stand up together to push back against this Draconian COVID agenda before it swallows us all.



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