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Doctor Blows the Whistle on Vaccines: If They’re So Healthy, Why Are They Forced On Us?


Suzanne Humphries, MD, is an accredited doctor who has been in the traditional medical system from 1989 to 2011—but now she’s come out to express her critical views on vaccines. (scroll down for full interview video).

According to Suzanne, the vaccine industry gives the general public an extremely biased and one-sided story.

After leaving the traditional medical system to start her own holistic practice, she felt implored to inform parents about the true dangers posed by such inoculations.

The medical world is constantly pushing for the general public to believe vaccines are not only safe, but necessary for good health.

Suzanne—who was a Nephrologist (kidney physician)—expressed how she “saw how often [conventional medicine] fails patients and creates new diseases” and how she left her profession to research “the many problems with mainstream medical theory.”

She continued, “Why must such a ‘wonderful product’ be forced on people? Inventors of vaccines have chosen a belief system whereby infants are all born with inadequate immune systems (and therefore need to be “saved” from diseases by vaccines).”

Collective Evolution reported:

“It’s a proven fact that vaccine manufacturers and health authorities have known about the dangers associated with vaccines for a very long time, but have chosen to withhold them from public knowledge in order to maintain ‘herd immunity’. This is scientific fraud and manipulation of scientific data that’s dished out to doctors worldwide.”

Vaccines are constantly promoted and pushed as something that is not only safe, but necessary for children, even when an increasing amount of evidence and professionals come out with contrary opinions.

Last month we reported how scientists from Oxford University bizarrely went ahead with an inoculation program in which hundreds of babies and young children in Africa were injected with tuberculosis (TB) vaccines—despite numerous failed tests on monkeys that caused them to “die rather rapidly”.

Yet even with the increase in evidence suggesting vaccines may not be safe, many people continue to blindly subjugate their children to the possible threat.

WATCH: Suzanne Humphries On Vaccines, here:

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